12 Days of Parenting | Linky 1 (2016 Collaboration)

Yah, it’s another 12 days of parenting collaboration! Last year was a writing, reading, and commenting frenzy for me … such fun working with other bloggers.

This year’s is a bit different – no brand involvement, no accompanying giveaway bundle; it’s collaboration for the love writing, and capturing your end of year thoughts and reflections. It’s about recording moments for memory lane, inspired by the festive season.

So, what’s the collaboration about? 

Overarching theme:

12 moments of parenting – considering snapshots of parenting related thoughts and acts at the end of the year.

Individual themes: 

The themes are anchored around the number 12, borrowed from the number of the traditional ‘days of Christmas’. They can be about Christmas, the festive season, winter, end of the year, or other cultural or religious festivities that you celebrate around this time.

You can personalise the themes to suit your writing, within the context stated above.

  1. 12 ways to stay organised / things to do to prepare for …
  2. 12 things I love about …
  3. 12 things to do on …. day or during …
  4. 12 gift ideas for …
  5. 12 … traditions
  6. 12 activities to do with children during …
  7. 12 things … means to me
  8. 12 ways to wrap up …
  9. 12 wishes / hopes / dreams / for the new year
  10. 12 acts of kindness
  11. 12 highlights of 2016
  12. 12 (your own theme)


How would the collaboration work?

You blog or microblog in relation to the themes … chronologically or randomly … all or some … whatever works for you, really.

Then, link up your post to the 12 days of parenting linky hosted by aNoviceMum and Mummies Waiting.

And lastly, we invite you to spread the blog love by reading and commenting on other linked posts, and sharing them far and wide.

Simples … right?

Who is the collaboration for?

It’s opened to all family friendly bloggers – parent, grandparent, and lifestyle bloggers etc. The key thing is to work with the themes and enjoy the collaboration.

12 Days of Parenting collaboration

The 2016 12 Days of Parenting Collaboration Linky:

  • Link up a post – from your blog or even Facebook – per theme, with your post’s url, title, and twitter handle
  • Linky opens at 8pm on Thursday 15 December to 11.55pm on Thursday 29 December 2016
  • Tweet us for retweets with the hashtag #12DaysofParenting16 at @mummieswaiting and @aNoviceMum
  • Join the #12’s group pinterest board to further share your posts
    • follow aNoviceMum and Mummies Waiting if you will
    • comment below with your Pinterest username to be invited
    • create and share long pins for your post
    • repin 2 pins for every pin you share on the board
  • Join the #12DaysofParenting Facebook group to more shares, to stay up to date with the collaboration, and interact with other bloggers.

Linky Rules:

Share the blog love: comment on the hosts’ posts, the post before yours and another you fancy

Hashtag: Comment and share posts with #12DaysofParenting16 hashtag, to help spread the word

Share the linky love if you want: by adding our badge to help promote the linky

Adventures of a Novice Mum

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

What you can expect from your linky hosts:

We will read and comment on as many posts as possible.

We’ll retweet posts tweeted to us with the #12DaysofParenting16 hashtag.

We’ll promote the linky on social media, to increase our potential audience reach.

We’ll share posts shared on theme threads on the #12DaysofParenting Facebook group, on the collaboration’s Facebook page.

What are you waiting for? Write, link, love, and share away.

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Share my journey … join the discussion … be the first to know.

Get on board

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2016 12 Days of Parenting Collaboration for seasonal and themed family friendly reflections at the end of the year. Check out our adjustable themes, write your posts, link them to the 12 Days of Parenting Linky hosted by @aNoviceMum and @MummiesWaiting, then read and comment on other linked posts, and share away. You can also join the 12 days of parenting group board and Facebook group for more share.

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