My 2015 Gratitude List: Wk 3

This week has been a juggling act! Childcare issues, ‘more-work-than-time-available-at-home-and-work’ issues, ‘no-time-to-write-down-my-many-thoughts’ issues; all together a lot of issues. Even then, I’m glad to have some pause time to calm down and consider my blessings through it all (even though it took me more days than expected to do this).

And so begins my 3rd gratitude list in 2015:

Gratitude List Wk3 2Family Life

  • It’s a week closer to Precious Sparkle’s first birthday! I can’t get my head around it really. It’s almost a year? Where does time go? How we’ve both grown, individually and together.
  • I think Precious Sparkle is a toddler now; I don’t know if there is any official age for a baby to transition to being called a toddler, but my little one is definitely toddling around. It’s the adventures of a toddling baby in our home. Pictures are so hard to take because he is always on the move, and quite fast too. 🙂 I look at his baby pictures and I just can’t get it round my head.
  • Our Bobux’s Xplorer’s shoes have come in very handy with all the toddling going on in our home; I got them via my first response to a #bloggerrequest tweet. 🙂 I just happened to have stumbled on it in December and it’s all so exciting to be part of their seeding campaign. It’s nice to have little shoes that can be used both indoors and outdoors, with room to grow for little feet, and one that I can easily determine which one goes on the left foot separate from the right foot.  🙂
  • Such relief that Precious Sparkle’s nose is in full working order again; feeding is always nicer with a clear nose. 🙂
  • So many ‘awwww’ moments with Precious Sparkle this week: excitedly walking into my arms when I come home from work; smiling at me when he woke up in his push chair after I picked him up from his English grandma who helped us with some of the childcare issues we’ve had. These moments are so heart warmingly priceless. 🙂
  • So glad to still have milk for Precious Sparkle; I was surprised to learn from someone that their milk once dried up after 11 months. This really shocked me, I thought the longer you breastfeed, the more guaranteed your production. I’m almost half way to my breastfeeding goal; I really pray my milk keeps flowing for my little man.
  • Being able to create more walking room for Precious Sparkle. I never knew such delight could be derived from supporting the development of one’s child – what a thrill!

Working Mum

  • A very dear friend, who is like my mum helped us at very short notice with our childcare issues. It made so much difference for us and I am so thankful for this incredible act of kindness.
  • My main boss’ kindness towards me during this difficult week. Flexible working is a real blessing when it is possible, especially if you need it for an emergency.
  • Spending more time with Precious Sparkle during the day – a silver lining in the cloud of our childcare issues. 🙂
  • Somehow staying awake when needed, despite being so sleep deprived.
  • Not bringing work home so far. 🙂
  • Lovely to reconnect with friends that I hadn’t kept in touch with for so long. So fab to have friendships that don’t diminish with years; you can just pick up from you left. 🙂


  • Blogtacles was finally published after hours and days of work. I still have a lot to do to get it up and running; I hope it gets a good reception in the Blogosphere.
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10 thoughts on “My 2015 Gratitude List: Wk 3

    • Hello Looking for Blue Sky, thanks for dropping by. It truly takes a village, not just to raise a child, but to live well. I am indeed grateful for all the support I’ve had, especially since starting on the motherhood road. As for the toddler years, so much development!

  1. What a lovely list, thanks for linking up to #thankfulthursday

    Well done on breastfeeding, I found people’s attitudes far harder than actual breastfeeding past a year but it’s so worth it you are AMAZING! The toddler years are so lovely I’m enjoying every moment with my termite I just wish I could slowtimedown

    • Hello Monkeyfooted Mummy, thanks for dropping by and for hosting your lovely linky. I really appreciate your comment. I suppose because breastfeeding was such a struggle at the beginning for us, I pay little attention to people’s attitudes about it. I know I want it for my Precious Sparkle and he motivates me to make it work for both of us. There is so much mischief to get up to and so much adventures to have during the toddler years; but also so much to do. Won’t it be fab to slow time down? 🙂

  2. I love the way you’ve written this, seperating the different areas of your life and finding positives in them all! So glad you have found the goodness in others too, always a reason to be cheerful, in my book x
    Ojo Henley recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

    • Hello very supportive Paula, thanks so much for dropping by and for also leaving a comment. I’m a secondary school teacher and I sometimes have to bring my marking and planning home. I recently returned to work after my maternity leave. I’ll be more mindful to include connected information in my posts and I’ll take this into consideration when reviewing my ‘about’ page.

    • Hello Jen, thanks for much for dropping by. Staying connected with family and friends can be a lot of work, but it’s well worth it … and my, the joy of getting back in touch and picking up from where you left! It’s definitely worth it.

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