3 12s of 12 days of blogging

I am so very thankful and glad to have finally started my blog after months of contemplation. I’m writing this post to summarise some of my blogging journey since I started my blog 12 days ago.

12days12 lessons I’ve learnt

  1. Acutally blogging on the net is better than blogging in my head when I’m in the shower or in the car.
  2. Setting up a blog, even a managed wordpress blog, is very time consuming; there is so much to understand and do all the time.Consider what you want for your blog and how much time you really want to spend on it because it can take over your life before you know it.
  3. Finding a theme you like deserves the time it takes for the search; you’ll be spending a lot of time on your site.
  4. It saves time to know the difference and interaction between pages and posts, categories and tags, menu and side bars, and plugins and widgets.
  5. WordPress support is a really lovely community and a google away; better to explore the official wordpress support site before looking at others though.
  6. Design matching cover and profile banners for your site and social media networks, it makes your blog more recognisable.
  7. Blogging helps to clarify your core reasons for blogging; it gives purpose to your writing and the development of your blog.
  8. Set up social media platforms to inform potential readers of your existence.
  9. Save time by changing your existing social media personal space to your blog space, this way, you don’t lose any follows you already have.
  10. Interact with other bloggers through twitter parties and chats, linkys, hops, and carnivals to keep your blogging fresh; it’ll inspire your writing, help to share your posts, contribute to your blogging knowledge, and you’ll find out about new blogs.
  11. Network off and online to alert people to the presence of your blog and make blogging and brands friends; twitter is a brilliant space for this.
  12. Enjoy the feeling you get when you publish your posts, especially your first post; it’s quite unique.

12 things I hope to understand soon

  1. Pingbacks
  2. Trackbacks
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Twitter Analytics
  5. Twittercards
  6. Tweetdeck
  7. Getting the html code for my blog badge
  8. Protecting my content and pictures from being copied without permission
  9. Changing my linky url after linking up to a blog’s linky
  10. Effectively using social media platforms to increase my blog’s readership
  11. Getting social media follows without doing giveaways
  12. How people get giveaways to giveaway anyway

12 things I hope to do to improve my blog

  1. Use my Skimlinks notebook from Blogfest14 to jot down my blogging ideas
  2. Design a new blog badge
  3. Edit my post pictures quicker
  4. Make the comments’ header font smaller and the comments more compact
  5. Find a plugin to publish all my posts on all my social media platforms despite no follows
  6. Find plugins to schedule my posts and divide my pages into columns
  7. Organise my posts better by finalising my main menu, categories and tags
  8. Read blogging tutorials from Tots100, Mumsnet, and Britmums
  9. Get a really fast laptop to save on blogging time
  10. Get a really good camera to take better pictures for my posts
  11. Find out a Tots100 Blog Camp to attend
  12. Perhaps get sponsorship for Britmums Live 2015 and BlogFest15 🙂
I'm linking this post to You Baby Me Mummy and Mums' Days List #14.

The List

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7 thoughts on “3 12s of 12 days of blogging

  1. Great list!
    Pingbacks are when someone mentions you on their blog and links to yours with a ‘follow link’.
    Getting a code for your own badge isn’t too hard, if you google make a blog badge code there is a nifty website that does it for you in seconds.
    I use picmonkey to add a copywrite stamp to pics.

    A question for you-
    9.Changing my linky url after linking up to a blog’s linky
    What is this? I don’t do it lol and am now worried I should! Oops!


    • Dear Katy, thanks so much for your kind comment and for helping me out with some of the things I’m still trying to get my head around; I really appreciate it. I think I understand Pingbacks better now though i’m not 100% sure I understand the term, ‘follow link’. I’ll look into the badge url maker later. I’ve come accross picmonkey; I’ve used lunapic.com so far.

      Your question for me: You should be worried. It’s just that i try to avoid hyphens (no particular reason) in my post urls but I don’t always remember to remove them before I publish. And I’ve learnt that if I change them afterwards, all previous links to them wouldn’t work. So, I was just wondering if I could reattach them to a linky after changing their url. I’ve decided to just leave all linked posts with whatever url they had when they were linked; this makes it easier, I think.

  2. I am at exactly the same stage as you with my blog learning, so it is really good to see that I am not alone with my questions and things to learn. Far more to this than I ever thought. I just need to get more consistent and focussed with my content as it is a bit random at the moment. Look forward to following you.

    • Hello Suzanne, thanks so much for dropping by; so glad you left your lovely Photography Bucket List link, I really enjoyed viewing them. It’s lovely to know that there are others at a similar blogging stage as me out there; it can feel quite lonely down here sometimes, as you probably know. Successful blogging is definitely more work that I thought but I’m glad I’ve started my blogging journey. ‘Content’, they say, ‘is king’; i’ll have to add to it that social media is queen. I’m learning that if you want to develop your readership, you have to write more, write fab and share widely. Yeah, I’ll keep my eye out for you too. 🙂

    • Lovely You Baby Me Mummy, thanks so much for your kind comment; a real compliment from an award winning blogger! I explored a lot before I joined the blogging train, though of course the reality is quite different. I have a long road ahead of me and I’m thankful for bloggers like you who are happy to share your journey. I look forward to linking to the #TheList again.

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