50 Things that make me happy

I enjoy writing gratitude lists; thinking about those things in my life that I really appreciate … those things that make my days … make me smile … fill my heart with such delights. I have unfortunately not written a gratitude list for many weeks and I really can’t wait to start again.

So Baby Isabella, I am so delighted you tagged me with the 50 happy things challenge; it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to reflect and identify 50 things that make me happy. Perhaps it might even help me with my attempt to restart my weekly gratitude list. 🙂


Without further ado, I give you 50 things that make me happy.


1. God (so life-giving)

2. Going to church (such a blessing)

3. Hanging out with our church family (such loveliness)

4. Reading and studying the Bible (such wisdom; a fab life guide)

5. Listening to and singing God glorifying songs (so much fades into insignificance)


6. My husband (the only man for me)

7. Some of our extended families (such laughter)

8. Breastfeeding Precious Sparkle (so empowering)

9. Most of my childhood memories (makes me smile)

10. Doing things that make my family smile (awwwww)

11. Precious Sparkle and everything about him (so innocent, intriguing, satisfying, and fab)


12. Spending time with my mummy friends (such fun)

13. Catching up with all my friends over the phone or in person (so lovely)


14.  Eating out (what a treat)

15. Warm Chocolate brownie with ice cream (yum)

16. Apple Crumble with clotted cream ice cream (yum yum)

17. My mum’s cooking (The best food … I can’t wait … it’s been too many years)

18. My dear friend’s – B –  homemade cheese cake / M&S frozen strawberry cheese cake (yummy)

50 things that make me happyActivities

19. Walking (so refreshing)

20. Finding bargains (so exciting)

21. Discussing (clarifies so much)

22. Learning (so much to discover)

23. Long hot shower (feels really good)

24. Watching documentaries (insightful)

25. Long and restful sleep (a real privilege)

26. Reading (takes me places I might never go otherwise)

27. Watching period dramas (takes me back to a time I’ll never know)

28. Blogging and my blogs (gets my creative juices going … so much future potential)

29. Writing poetry and my reflections (gives wings to my inner author and philosopher)

30. Taking pictures, especially close-ups; and improving my photography skills (so delightful)

31. Listening to thought provoking sermons and talks e.g. TED talks etc. (much food for thought)

32. Counting my blessings, giving thanks for them, and showing my gratitude in some way (so uplifting)

33. Winning competitions (I unfortunately barely have time for comping anymore … so exciting though)

34. Discovering new features on modern conveniences like computers, software, tablets, smartphones, WordPress etc. (nice one)


35. Not doing school work at home (feels good)

36. Actually teaching students who want to learn (so energizing)

Other Things

37. Fresh air (so fantastic)

38. Being a mum (so enriching)

39. Chilling (we all need a break)

40. Waking up (what a privilege)

41. Nature in general (so arresting)

42. Seeing others happy (so reinvigorating)

43. Beautiful stationery (attractive, isn’t it?)

44. Fast technology (helps my sanity and saves time)

45. Hugs (a good connecting point with some fab folks)

46. Clean and tidy house (I really appreciate this though I find it elusive)

47. Living in a democratic country with regard for the rule of law (so precious)

48. Sunshine, sunrise, and sunset (bright and colourful eye-feast and body warmth)

49. Fresh snow at dawn and dusk (nothing like the white shine and glint on the ground)

50. Making a difference; encouraging, inspiring, motivating, and supporting others (so worthwhile)


What a lovely challenge, thinking of such wonderful people and things. I could really have continued the list; I feel so fortunate and blessed to have more than 50 things that make me happy.

I nominate the following bloggers to share 50 things that make them happy, if they are happy to play.


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What are the top things that make you happy?

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19 thoughts on “50 Things that make me happy

  1. This is a great list. Right now I would love…a fudgy brownie with caramel and ice cream, a hot bath, a really nice long restful sleep. Obviously #1 is #1. And with Spring showing finally the sunshine is so appreciated…we are having showers right now, and I appreciate them too, as they bring the flowers. Hope you have a great week! xo
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…Silent Sunday Photo 4/19/2015My Profile

    • Thanks so much Nikki; o yes, #1 is definitely #1; no discusion about that! 🙂 Fudgy brownie with caramel and ice cream is definitely richer and tastier than warm brownie and ice cream 🙂 Now, follow that with a hot bath and nice long restful sleep … you’ll have something really superb going on. 🙂 The showers are definitely good too; I love the smell of rain 🙂 And without them, well the flowers won’t come out. We enjoy God’s creation, each with its unique offering. Thanks, have a great week too. 🙂

  2. Whoa – this is truly a wonderful challenge. Good on ya for assembling this list. And what an amazing list of things to be grateful for. I bet it felt good to spell them out. For whatever reason the one thing that in this very moment really resonated with me is this one: Waking up (what a privilege) – I think it is awesome that you picked, because it is so true, but how often do we curse about it…
    Claudia recently posted…The miracle of lifeMy Profile

  3. Love the list and the fact that you separated by topics.
    God yes! Without him who are we? Who gives us strength to keep going?
    One thing that makes me extremely happy and calm: The soft summer breeze in the air. LOVE IT!
    xx Marta

    • Thanks so much; grouping it made it that bit easier. 🙂 God is definitely my everything above all us; I couldn’t make it in any way that really matters to me without Him. O yes, a soft summer breeze … that definitely makes happy, especially on a hot day. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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