The Balloon Chase

It was our first birthday party      Thus began the balloon chase
Such a lovely time on Sunday         On all fours, on the floor
Balloons were part of it             Dashing here and dashing there
No more fear of them                 Seeing, feeling, tasting
Since the October Baby Show          It mustn’t escape your grip

Captivated by the ballon

Captivated by the balloon

Crawling on free space               One hand on the floor to steady yourself
Following it under the chair         One hand on the balloon to keep it firm-ish
Chasing it under the table           And your mouth did the rest
Whatever it took you did             What did you taste, I wondered
To keep it in your grip              What were you thinking, I pondered

The fun was soon over                But your exploration continues
The balloon had to go                And I'm so glad to be part of it
I've got to be responsible           To see such wonder through your eyes
Despite my intrigue and amusement    To capture such intrigue in action
At your discovery and engagement     To enjoy the little joys of everyday

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               and Practising Simplicity's The Project 52 (48/52)
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6 thoughts on “The Balloon Chase

  1. What a lovely family you have! Enjoyed meeting you on #ArchiveDay. Don’t worry about any of the advice in my blogging post. That’s more for folks who want to grow their audience as much as possible. And even if that’s something you want to do someday, it isn’t the most important thing about blogging. You just keep doing what helps you meet your own goals, as often as you can manage with that baby on your lap. And we all know when it’s baby versus blogging, what comes first. 😉
    Paula recently posted…The Clean Plate ClubMy Profile

    • Hello Paula, thanks for your kind comment. I’m keen to grow my audience but it’s good to remember that it’s not the most important part of blogging. You’ve given me very good advice for the blogging road … I hope I don’t forget them. Thanks so much … baby definitely comes before blogging for me; indeed, I doubt I would be blogging without my baby.

    • Thanks so much for your comment and sorry about my late response. I definitely agree with you … so many lovely things to behold as a mum … things that one wouldn’t have necessary noticed before. Thanks for dropping by and reading.

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