A Holiday Heaven

My last ‘proper’ holiday is one that especially makes me smile. I feel particularly nostalgic writing about it because it’s the last holiday that my husband and I had before our family grew. It was three Augusts ago and I was in the early months of my pregnancy. It was just the two of us, our last holiday without any concern for anyone but each other – a lovely anniversary surprise from my husband.

We went away for a long weekend, at a fab hotel in Reading. My husband drove us there and I slept most of the way. It was in a pretty and quiet road off the motorway; a very different feel from the hustle and bustle of where we live. The receptionists were very helpful and our room was nice.

We’ve been away a number of times, but this was different. We reminisced more, and considered a future filled with so much hopes and dreams. It wasn’t just going to be two of us anymore; a growing third someone would be with us soon enough.

A Holiday Heaven

The knowledge that our little one was with us, without actually being with us, was sometimes overwhelming.

I was tired, and couldn’t help but sleep a lot; which my husband found amusing. The mornings were beautiful; it didn’t matter that our view was the motorway, albeit separated by some grass and a stream.

Breakfast was a good but slightly annoying time; surrounded by a yummy spread that I unfortunately couldn’t eat much of. So much for eating for two, I just didn’t have enough room in my tummy!

We enjoyed taking, watching some TV, and exploring the local area. The pool and sauna at the hotel were good places to chill and laugh. We saved some money by ordering food for dinner. I slept a lot, and my husband had time to relax and also catch up on sleep.

Before we knew it, it was time to go home; I really could have stayed longer. Time goes so fast when you’re having fun, hey. We unfortunately only took three pictures whilst we were there, but the memories of a wonderful time together will be forever treasured. It’s so lovely to look back and feel the warmth and calm that we knew together in that place in our lives.

Have you had a holiday that in a way marked the end of a chapter in your life and the start of another?

My entry into Ocean Finance's Holiday Heaven or Hell Blogger Competition.
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