A bit about me

Some bits and bobs about me 🙂

I’m a first-time mum living and learning with my husband and little one in the South East of good ol’ England.

After much invitation into motherhood, both gentle and strong, I tiptoed into it though it felt more like being dragged screaming and shouting on top of my voice.

I think I was still silently shouting, ‘really, I’m sure I’m not cut out for this and I doubt God will entrust me with an actual life’, when I discovered my bundle of joy was on the way.

I am so thankful for my little one even though I still can’t quite comprehend that I’m actually a mother. I am amazed by the privilege and I hope I do it justice.

I’m especially passionate about breastfeeding and I enjoy wearing my baby.

It’s brilliant watching him reach so many milestones and I find the amount of learning that takes place through playing with him intriguing.

I think I’m ambitious about the amount of solids he should be consuming by now, mostly using the baby led weaning method …

I wish I could magically have my house as tidy as I want …

and I could always do with more sleep.

Socialising with other mums is one of the fab perks of motherhood and I have found this so helpful.

I love praying, listening, reading, writing, talking, learning, thinking, reflecting silently and aloud, comping, walking, taking photographs, helping, educating, exploring, reviewing, and team work.

I wish I could really sing and dance, and also play the piano and a few other instruments. I also wish I could speak other languages apart from English, Yoruba and a teeny weeny bit of French.

Long live MAT Leave! It’s given me the time to start finding my feet in motherhood and the brilliant opportunity to hang out with my little one, husband and friends in a way I haven’t in so many years.

I really enjoy blogging about my experiences and mu-m-sings and hopefully encouraging someone out there through my writing.

We don’t all have to have experiences to benefit from them …

I hope someone, somewhere might just benefit from my record of and reflections on my life’s journey.

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Founder | Writer I Editor I Manager
First-time Mum / Freelance Writer / Thinker / Educator / Business graduate / Improving Photographer / so much more. \\ Recording my mu-m-sings from the South East of England | Sharing lessons from my life's journey to encourage and inspire | Filled with gratitude for my faith, family, and friends.

22 thoughts on “A bit about me

    • Thanks so much Martyn, I really appreciate your support; and the twitter chat the other day. Your #40bloggingdays is lovely, I’m looking forward to reading the links you sent me, later on this week. Yeah, it’s lovely to know there’re other bloggers in the region; the more the merrier. God bless you and your family real good too! 🙂

  1. Ah, that was so lovely finding out more about you. And I couldn’t agree me… long leave Mat leave! haha. I love chatting on Twitter etc. Thank you for your ‘virtual’ love, lots of love xx

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m a massive breastfeeding fan and it’s lovely to meet others who enjoy breastfeeding. Babywearing, especially in the early days, makes it that little bit easier to be on the move with one’s baby. All the best with your little one on the way.

  2. Reading your about page has made me think that mine needs a bit more work!

    We did baby led weaning too and with my elder daughter it took a long time, she was still having a lot of feeds from me at 10 months. She eats like a horse now though!

    Thanks for the new linky – it’s a great idea 🙂 #SoMeBlogLuv
    morna recently posted…My home birth epiphany!My Profile

    • Fantastic; I also want to review my about me page. One of my aims for the linky is to give an opportunity to purposely see how others are presenting themselves and learning from it. It’s also lovely to see that we’re not alone in our decisions about our children.

      I really like baby led weaning but it took me forever to really get it; we’re still feeding a lot, almost 15 months down the line. Each child is different, hey!

      Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind comments.

  3. Great to read about you. Also good to know you are in the south east. I am in East Anglia, so not too far away. It is a nice feeling to know that there are bloggers not too far away for some reason.

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  5. Another SE mama here! 🙂
    This is one of the best ‘About Me’ pages that I’ve seen – very fresh, open and honest!
    I agree, long live mat leave, I’ve only got 6 months left, trying not to think about it, don’t know how I’m going to be away from my little baba!
    Looking forward to following your blog from now on!

    • O yes, another SE mama here! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Enjoy every second of your MAT Leave; seriously, it goes so quickly. Best not to thinking about being away from your little one; you’ll deal with it when you come to it. Not easy but doable.
      I’m sure our paths will cross frequently in the blogosphere! 🙂

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