My April 15 AtoZChallenge Reflection

My AtoZChallenge Reflection: Considering my Motherhood journey from A to Z in April 2015

I am so pleased that I found out about the Blogging from A to Z Challenge; it has been so inspirational. I have really enjoyed considering my motherhood journey from A to Z though I haven’t quite managed to finish the challenge yet.

Below are my peaks and pits, what I’ll do differently next time, and how it has inspired me.


In no particular order, I really enjoyed the following about the challenge:

  1. Interaction with other A to Z Challenge bloggers.
  2. When I was able to write and publish on the scheduled dates.
  3. The structure of the challenge and its level of organisation – remarkable!
  4. The challenge and excitement of writing and publishing everyday touched the writer in me.
  5. The creativity involved in coming up with relevant titles and constructing my posts accordingly.


In no particular order, below are what I least enjoyed about the challenge:

  1. Constantly playing catch up throughout the challenge.
  2. Missing out letters whilst struggling to meet the writing schedule.
  3. Going into the challenge with no strategy about how to make it work.
  4. The struggle and pressure to write everyday due to existing commitments.
  5. Not having the time to meet the linky commitment of reading 5 blogs a day.

Next time

I’m hoping to participate again next year and below are what I’ll do differently, in no particular order.

  1. Decide my theme in February and write a list of my post titles.
  2. Follow the challenge on Twitter so that I know when the linky goes live.
  3. Start writing in March and scheduling ahead to reduce the pressure of blogging daily.
  4. Choose a topic that isn’t as close to my heart, to make it easier to write a maximum of 500 words per post.
  5. Plan time within each day to read as many blogs as possible in the first week or two, and not less than 5 blogs a day.


I plan to complete the challenge over the next few days weeks. I am also working on other A to Z themes that I have been thinking about; though these will be once a week instead of once a day, and I might open it up to others to join in. There’s definitely something motivating about blogging together.


Massive thanks to the organisers of this challenge; I am so glad I stumbled on it on Twitter. I look forward to finishing my posts and organising them for easier access on my blog. I’m looking forward to participating in the post challenge events.

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10 thoughts on “My April 15 AtoZChallenge Reflection

  1. Way to go! I like that you still intend to finish and there is no shame in that. It also seems, like almost everyone of us, you learned your lessons and have a plan in place that will make next year easier and even more fun! Unless life throws an unexpected wrench in it. ūüėČ

  2. Finding you through your reflection post. Sorry I missed you in April. I am a writer and attract the long list of participants depending on the designation, starting with (WR). This was my 3rd year and I loved it once again. My garden was happy to see me again and I’m still catching up…new plants in the ground today. Love the challenge and finding other bloggers like yourself. Congrats on making it through. Come and visit if you have any energy left. We’ll sit in the garden and have some sweet tea.

    • So lovley that you’ve participated over a number of years. It’s a really lovely blogging challenge, isn’t it; even then, I’m sure your garden will be glad to have more of your attention. I still have posts to write to finish up. I’ll pop over to say hello. Thanks for dropping by.

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