The Birth of Blog-tacles

Please note that I’m working as much as I can to get all the lists mentioned in this post online.

Blog-tacles’ Context

I am one of those people who particularly enjoys sharing what I’ve learnt with others, to hopefully help to save time and enrich.

I coordinate the training of some trainee teachers because I want to help them have a better experience than I did when I was training to become a teacher. Reading about different people’s motherhood experiences have been of benefit to me and I hope others will benefit from reading about mine – this is one of the reasons I started blogging.

It is hence no surprise that I have considered how to share my growing blogging knowledge with others (especially new bloggers); perhaps it might help make their blogging journey that bit easier and faster. I know that my blogging journey is that much smoother, and my blog that much better because others share(d)their knowledge.

Blogtacles defBlogtacles’ Conception

I was fortunate to read about blog link-up parties at the start of my blogging journey, thanks to a Mumsnet blogging tutorial that I stumbled upon. Linkys offer a significant platform to share blog posts, and network with other bloggers. So, I started an excel sheet to record the link-ups I came across with the aim to more efficiently organise my participation in them.

However, before I could find a system I was happy with, I stumbled upon You Baby Me Mummy’s downloadable Linky List which she updates monthly. It has a lot more link-ups than I could have imagined! She must have put in so much time and effort into creating that list; what a contribution to the Blogosphere!

Nonetheless, I continued my excel record because I wanted more information about each link-up at my finger tips. This usually involved searching the net for the hosting blog and then rummaging through it to find some information about the focus and rules of the link-up, its badge code if it was required on the linked post, and the location of the current linky. On some blogs this was straightforward, and on others, time-consuming.

So I thought, ‘won’t it be great to just have a site with a clickable list of these link parties; a linky of the link-ups perhaps’.

Then I found 2 posts about twitter hashtags that give bloggers with a platform to get their posts potentially retweeted to a wider audience: “Use these Twitter Hashtags to Grow Blog Traffic” and “Twitter for Writers: Hashtags are Presents to Open“.

And then, I stumbled upon:

  • different kinds of blogger networks,
  • blog Twitter retweet accounts,
  • Twitter and Facebook blogging chats,
  • Facebook and G+ blogging groups,

and so many other ways of planting and spreading a blog’s footprints. For a newish blogger (2 months old+)* like me, these are all so exciting but also very time-consuming.

Blogtacle DefinitionThere are so many resources to support bloggers out there but I wished there was one place where key blogger support information could be collated and more easily accessed by those new to blogging, and perhaps by interested experienced bloggers.

After some thought shower and research, ‘Blogtacles‘ was conceived.

My vision for Blogtacles is still unfolding; I have however decided that it is that which enables a blogger to create their ownblogtacle’ (a blog with a blog health – striking theme, an organised appearance, enhancing plugins, purposeful content, manageable writing / publishing schedule, easy navigation, desired audience, and growth – that its owner is happy with) .

Blogtacles smallerBlogtacles’ Development

Below is a list of blogtacles I’m working on, I hope you’ll join in as you work towards creating your own blogtacle.

1. Blog Resources Directory: mainly never-ending* linkys of a diverse range of essential blogging resources (blogtacles):

  • Link Parties, Chats, Sharing Memes, and Features Lists
  • Blogging Groups Lists
  • Blogger Networks and Key Sites Lists
  • Twitter Blog RT Accounts List
  • Other Blogging Hashtags To-Know List
  • Themed blogging enhancing posts List
  • Parenting and Lifestyle Blogs List

2. @Blogtacles: a twitter account to share a variety of blogtacles to help bloggers create their own blogtacle.

3. #Blogtacles / #Blogtacle: registered hashtags for relevant post sharing with and from @Blogtacles. Also, for specified monthly themed blogtacles and blogtacle chats that will hopefully start later in the year depending on how this project develops. And lastly as a blogging related 24 hours post sharing meme on a day to be announced.

5. Blogtacles pinterest board, Blogtacles Facebook page, and Blogtacles G+ and Facebook groups, to share blogtacles and support bloggers towards making their own blogtacle, will be created as the need arises.

*subject to my subscription payment to InLinkz (currently a year)

Blogtacles’ and You

The idea of Blogtacles has expanded as I’ve written this post and thought more about it; it seems huge and scary. The amount of time and effort needed to make it happen leaves me feeling dazed. However, I’d like to shoot Blogtacles, one of my contributions to the Blogosphere, out there and see what happens. I hope it’ll be embraced and even more that it’ll be helpful. The details are not fixed and I’d really appreciate your feedback on the concept.

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