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Here we go, my first Blogtacles project linky; it’s been a long time coming and I’m so glad to be here finally. Come on people, let’s share posts about this fabulous process that we are all part of; posts to help each other blog smarter and not harder.


Blogstacles are anything that enable a blogger to create a blog they are happy with. The Blog Blogger and Blogging Linky is one that promotes happy blogging. Out with rat race blogging, in with effective and efficient blogging!

Who wants blogging days before knowing you could schedule tweets or that there are Facebook blogging groups where you could get help. Yes, too much blogging knowledge can be depressing when you don’t have enough time to implement them; but too little knowledge sure does make for time-consuming blogging. Time is of course a luxury for many bloggers … definitely for parent bloggers.

This linky is about supporting each other with information and tips to blog better. I have learnt so much from reading about and seeing what others bloggers do and I’m sure you have to.

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All posts about your blogging journey, the blogging process, blogging tools, blogging tips and tutorials are welcome. This of course includes posts with information and tips to better harness social media to improve blogging efficiency, and indeed other programs or sites that are relevant to blogging.

You can also share your blogging features if you have any. I am not talking about your regular posts that you do weekly or seasonally, but those regular guest posts that you host to spice up your blog. They might just teach someone one or two things about how to organise or improve theirs; or how to get involved in further increasing their blogging footprints.

And indeed, all blogiversary posts are also welcome. Much can be learned from blogging duration reflections, and they definitely make for an interesting read.

You can’t link your linky here but I’m working on another place you can promote it if you want.

So, let’s get linking.

Blog Blogger Blogging Rules

  • Follow me on some of my social media networks if you want. T | F | G+ | P | I | Bโ™ฅ |
  • Follow @blogtacles if you want
  • Link up a maximum of 2 relevant posts.
  • Please add my nofollow linky badge to linked post(s) to help spread the word or add a text link to the Blog Blogger Blogging Info Post
Adventures of a Novice Mum
  • Comment on this post to say hi, and feel free to share any suggestions for improvement
  • Read and comment on my linked posts
  • Read (AT LEAST) the post before yours + 1 or 2 (depending on how many you added) of your choice to share some comment love.
  • Comment on and share linked posts with the #Blogtacles to help share the linky

I will:

  • read and comment on all linked posts
  • Klout some of those that really stand out to me
  • mention some in the subsequent linky post
  • feature at least one post that particularly resonates with me
  • retweet, share, pin, +1, โ™ฅ posts shared with @aNoviceMum on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus (+AdventuresofaNoviceMum)

I’m linking one of my BritMums Live post, 5 reasons why I wish I attended it, and the birth of blogtacles, a post about the project which this linky is part of.

I look forward to reading your blog blogger blogging posts.

To more effective and efficient blogging!

I am creating an email and twitter list to remind linkers of the linky, please tweet me or leave a comment to opt out if you prefer.
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    • Thanks for joining in and so sorry about my late reply. Folks like their posts being shared and linked to … it’s the kind of SEO natural connections that Google is happy with :-). All the with your ‘blogging 101’ series if you go ahead with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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