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You want to make some improvements on your blog but you don’t know where to start, or you don’t have the know-how you need. What about if there was a linky where you could go to and find helpful posts to give you pointers towards reaching your blogging goals.

You have learnt so much about blogging that you can’t keep it to yourself anymore. You’ve written posts to share your lessons with others like others shared with you, to improve your blogging. Indeed, you’ve shared through social media but would like another avenue to reach more folks. What about if there was a blog link party that you could link your blogging journey and tips to?

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Well, that linky is here! The Blog Blogger Blogging Linky! This is part of my blogstacles project, which I wrote about in January after I’d been blogging for 2 months.

The linky will be open from Saturday to Friday every week, for all posts that pertain to the blogging process, journey, tools, tutorials, and tips. 

I hope that in sharing what works and doesn’t with each other, we can all blog smarter and more effectively; living more life and eventually spending less time before the blogging screen. Let’s share good blogging practices, to support each other to blog better and efficiently.

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