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Parties can be fun and fab; a very lively way of hanging out with old mates, acquainting oneself with new folks, and even making buddies. Blog linkysI love the fact that blogs have parties too, various kinds of parties; and link parties or linkys are one them. Blog link parties provide a great opportunity to celebrate blog posts by sharing them, and I’m so glad I discovered them when I started my blog.

Below are some of what I like about them and what I don’t.

My Top 5

  1. Blog linkys offer a ‘blog show‘, giving your blog posts a guaranteed and interested timely audience, mainly within a set period.
  2. Blog linkys offer a ‘blog sampling session‘, giving you the opportunity to discover new blogs for your enjoyment and development.
  3. Blog linkys offer a ‘blog press release‘, giving you the platform to showcase your blog, widen your audience, and network with other bloggers.
  4. Blog linkys offer a ‘blogging / blogger’s block solution‘, giving you the inspiration and motivation for future posts.
  5. Blog linkys offer a ‘blogging tutorial class‘, giving you lots of ideas and examples of blogging ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

My Bottom 5

  1. Blog linkys do not always have clear rules about what is expected, and even fair rules to ensure that every post gets a minimum read / comments.*
  2. Blog linkys can be time-consuming to participate in, and even sometimes frustrating when the blog host’s navigation isn’t clear.*
  3. Blog linkys can make you put yourself under unnecessary pressure to write in order to join the linky party again in the future. One could of course argue that this is easily rectified by being satisfied with only linking up when one has a relevant post. 🙂
  4. Blog linkys require you to keep going back to the blog host’s linky page to access linked posts. One might argue that this is alright, and indeed a perk of being a blog linky host. 🙂
  5. Blog linkys do not guarantee blog traffic for those linking into the linking party. One could of course argue that this isn’t the aim of blog linkys. 🙂

What do you like / dislike about blog linkys?

*Single Mother Ahoy’s Weekend Blog Hop exemplifies the specific promotion of blog / post love for everyone in her linky party through her linky rules.

*For example, it’s annoying when follows are required without straight forward links to the stated social media networks, or when attaching a linky badge is required without easy access to the badge code or a comment about what to do if there is no code etc.)

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12 thoughts on “Blog Linkys: Top / Bottom 5

  1. Ah, thanks for the mention!
    For me the worst part of joining in with a linky is the ridiculous rules some of them have – I’m far too lazy to run around following people here, there and everywhere and do all this other stuff – which is why Laura and I specifically don’t have loads of rules!

    • Thanks Single Mother Ahoy for dropping by and commenting. Linkys are helpful but some of their rules should be fairer and clearer. I don’t even have a problem with follow requests if the links are obvious; it only has to be done once per host. I do like your linky and hope to participate more regularly in the new year.

  2. Interesting post! I totally agreed with all your negative points these are why I avoid linkys. If got one at the moment on my site encouraging Dorset businesses and blogs to leave links to reviews/info about Father CHristmas/Santas Grottos there are no expectations it’s purely there to provide my readers with more choice.
    Joanne recently posted…Review | Cinderella PantoMy Profile

  3. I’m on post No53 of 56 so it’s been a busy linky this week. Thanks so much for joining in. I know all the rules can be annoying sometimes can’t they, although we have been thinking of changing the rules o ours to make sure everyone comments on the one before them to make sure each post gets at least one persons love, plus the host? What do you think?
    Mini Travellers recently posted…Santa Special Llangollen RailwayMy Profile

    • Wow Mini Travellers, a lot of reading, well done. I’m really pleased I joined in and I hope to join in again. I like linkys, so much to learn from them; I just wish they all have clear and fair rules. I think your rule change is good; it means everyone will definitely get some linky love and the host is rewarded for their huge time investment. Also, one might get to read a post they wouldn’t have chosen to read before, and they might be pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to linking up again.

  4. I was a linky ‘virgin’ until recently, not taking part in any, much to the shock of most of my blogging friends. However, I must say that since I have taken part in them that it has broadened the variety of blogs that I read now. Thanks for joining in with ours! Jess #sundaystars

  5. Ah Linkies, I have such a love/hate relationship with them! I find as a participant that if you want to get more out of a linky I need to really engage with the other linkers (so no link dumping!) and take part in the linky regularly – but as with everything blog-wise it’s a real investment in time. As I often say, it’s a grower not a shower. i.e. don’t expect instant hits and comments!

    In terms of hosting, that’s tricky too – I’m an exceptionally slow reader, and I’m terrible at planning so as you can see I’m still getting around all my posts from last week! – hosting a successful link doesn’t necessarily increase your traffic either, weirdly. The main reason I do it and spend loads of time on it is to a) force me to read and comment on blogs, as otherwise I struggle to prioritise it over other jobs b) make blog friends, since I’ve been hosting #TheList I’ve got to know so many lovely people and the evidence is in the number of comments I generally get on posts has really increased. But this is all relationship building rather than instance traffic gratification 😉

    Great post and thank you for linking up to #Thelist!! Happy New Year xxx
    Hannah Mums’ Days recently posted…The List 17 – New Year!My Profile

    • Thanks so much Hannah, for your engaging reply. Link dumping is definitely unfair and linkys are definitely time consuming. However, I now consider them to be a blogging essential for my development as a new blogger, even though I think some linkys could have fairer and clearer rules. Thanks for the ‘grower not a shower’ clarification and for your participant / host views; they are insightful.

      I’m hoping to participate in more linkys and hopefully get better at managing the time investment involved. I’ll probably be writing another post about blog parties sometime. 🙂

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