I am blogging from A to Z in April 2015

I’m so delighted to finally settle down to write about what I’ve been putting off for a while: my participation in the ‘Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2015’!

I first came across this challenge in a tweet that I noticed in my feed a few weeks ago. It seemed interesting and I clicked the link to find out more.

BANNER [2015]

As a writer, I find the idea of posting every day really exhilarating, and doing it with an alphabet prompt intriguing.

One of the blog reads that has stayed with me since I started blogging late last year is Mum’s Days’ post about the value of writing every day. So, the A to Z blogging challenge is definitely up my street, albeit an ambitious goal, considering that I don’t have enough time to do all I currently need to do.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t and can’t shake off my interest.

I delayed signing up for it until the last ‘minute’; less than 2 days to the deadline. In fact, I thought I’d missed the challenge boat before I signed up, but I was glad to find out I had only missed the theme reveal!

I was strangely delighted to be #1695* on the linky. I suppose I was and am very pleased that I actually decided in the end to give myself the chance to have a go.

It fills with me with dread and excitement; especially given the fact that I’m not just doing it on this blog, but also on a blog I’m just about to set up!

My heart is racing and my head spinning because I’m on a journey with more outcomes than I currently know.

🙂 I am blogging from A to Z in April 2015! 🙂

I’m I up to it? Can I do it? Like … really …? Is this too much? What if I can’t think of a word that starts with ‘X’? What if I can’t finish the challenge? Where would I find the time?

Well, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and jump on the bandwagon with almost 2000 bloggers from around the world. I definitely feel that I’m up for the challenge; blogging from A to Z this month.

I am starting a writing adventure with a diverse mix of minds.

I hope I keep on until the end.

I hope I make it through somehow.

I hope I have a positive and adventurous time through it.

I hope it helps me write better and faster.

I hope … I hope … I hope … for results I don’t know yet … positive ones of course.

* Now #1679; it’s subject to change due to some bloggers dropping out or being removed for not posting for 5 consecutive days.

Have you participated in a blog writing challenge before? Did you finish it? What did you get from it?

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