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Welcome to the 7th #BreastfeedingandI blog link party!

Thanks to the lovely folks that linked up last week; lots of good reads as usual. If you didn’t get around to checking out my National Breastfeeding Week round up last week, it’s worth having a look.

Featured Post

I’m so glad that @hdydi‘s shared Raquel’s hospital pumping experience when she had her twins before they were 32 weeks. You should see her stash of frozen milk after 15 days! Her TOP TIPS on how to increase breast milk supply are REALLY TOPS and she shared an excellent link within her post too. This is definitely one to read; so informative, encouraging, and inspiring!

As someone who pumped for months to boost her supply, and help save her breastfeeding relationship, I wish I read her post before I had my baby.

Her summary is so important to keep in mind: “Your personal medical situation and many other things YOU CANNOT CONTROL will impact your ability to produce milk. Childbirth is a traumatic experience for your body. A C-section is major surgery. If you can make breastfeeding work, that’s great. If you can’t, that doesn’t make you any less of a mother.” ~ emphasis are mine.

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@FamilyFever‘s post about the challenges of the early days of breastfeeding and Medela’s support is an important read. It highlights some of the challenges that mums face at the start of their breastfeeding journey and how these can overcomed with the right support.

@juliecookies‘s first breastfeeding post also reflected on the challenges of the early days of breastfeeding and the importance of having the right support. Even then, there are no guarantees that ones breastfeeding journey will take the desired course. I don’t know what determines how quickly one’s milk comes in; it varies from mother to mother, and perhaps from child to child. Sometimes supplementing with Formula is what is needed and there is no guilt or shame in this.

Massive congratulations to @puddlemother‘s on becoming a NCT breastfeeding peer supporter and an infant feeding hospital volunteer. Her desire to support women to “feel in control and supported” is one that will especially resonate with many mums who had it rough in those early days and weeks, even months after birth. So many hours of hardwork to get to this point!

@DiaryofUEM‘s National Breastfeeding Week post, reflected on what breastfeeding mums want to say to mums who use formula. It’s good to remind those who think otherwise that the issue for many pro-breastfeeding folks is not about making people breastfeed, but rather about making sure there is quality breastfeeding support within each mum’s reach if and when it’s needed / wanted.

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I’m linking My Medela Breastfeeding Cafe in June post; such fun chatting about breastfeeding.

I look forward to reading your old or new breastfeeding post.

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Thanks for your positive and constructive contributions to conversations about infant feeding in general and breastfeeding in particular.

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4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and I Linky 7

  1. Thank you so much for featuring Raquel’s post. I’m so touched that she has taken the time to share her experiences while her babies are still in the NICU! I have to admit that when my babies were in the hospital, I didn’t have anything to give, emotionally speaking, to anyone else. For Raquel to not even be a month postpartum TODAY and sharing her tips is just so amazing!
    Sadia recently posted…Dimensions of IntelligenceMy Profile

    • It really is! My word, what a mother! Her milk stash is a wowser to view; and her tips are really good. I am so glad she shared; please pass on my regards to her. I shared her post with one of my breastfeeding mums yesterday; it’s a post I’ll definitely go back to next time round. Thanks for getting involved with #BreastfeedingandI

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