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 Overall Project Aims

Welcome to the Breastfeeding and I Project page.


I struggled to breastfeed and it took a lot of so much to make it. I plan to write more about this in the coming months. Whilst I believe that human breastmilk is the best food for human babies, I also accept that breastfeeding (directly or expressed) is not necessarily the best for the wellbeing of every mother and their family. I appreciate that not all women want to, and not all mums can partially or fully breastfeed, for a range of different reasons. I also acknowledge that men can potentially breastfeed. And you know what? I think there is enough room for all of us when it comes to feeding our infants and toddlers.

I came across many resources on my breastfeeding journey and I wished there was a place where they were all be collated. I can’t find many useful links again because I can’t remember the google search keyword that led me to them.

In this project, I’m going to attempt to do this – collate as much breastfeeding information in one place as possible.

I’d like to create a kind of interactive breastfeeding central to find links to a range of helpful information about breastfeeding; raging from tips  outfits  accessories ⇒ helpful organisations. I also want it to be an e-lounge for positive and constructive conversations about infant feeding in general and breastfeeding in particular.

Breastfeeding is a community affair because it has health and financial implications for society. It is also a family affair because it has physical and emotional ramifications for the wellbeing of mother and child, and thus the rest of the household. Even more importantly, breastfeeding is a personal choice and each person that it concerns interacts with it based on a range of factors. Hence the title, Breastfeeding and I; my attempt to capture the individual engagement with the issue.

The #BreastfeedingandI Linky is a very important part of this project; so are the Facebook group and page I’ll be creating to share relevant blog posts and news. I also have 2 breastfeeding pin boards: breastfeeding and breastfeeding in the news and I’ll be reorganising these to support this project.

UK / Linky / #BreastfeedingandI / Fri - Wed / Weekly / @aNoviceMum | All #breastfeeding related posts are welcome.

Overall Project Aims

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I want to create a space to:

  • to relate and inform
  • to react, and better still respond to breastfeeding related issues
  • share breastfeeding knowledge and experiences, and reminisce about them
  • to inspire, motivate, and challenge; and to be inspired, motivated, and challenged
  • to contribute to ongoing discussions about infant feeding in general and breastfeeding in particular etc.

This is not a place for bottle vs breast divide or formula vs breast milk battles. It is a place for cordial discussions about you and your small and big babies’ feeding journey in relation to breastfeeding (or not). Perhaps, a place where professionals can share relevant resources, and read about people’s personal experiences and responses.

We don’t have to agree to discuss; we definitely don’t need to agree in order to support each other as we muddle or strategically walk through the murky or clear waters of infant feeding.

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Adventures of a Novice Mum
Adventures of a Novice Mum

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Adventures of a Novice Mum
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