Breastfeeding Pain of the Subtle Blocked Ducts variety

After conquering the right-bang-in-the-middle-of-the-nipple excruciatingly painful bleb I had for 2 weeks, I relaxed into a place of no-boobie-pain. If only I knew what awaited me around the corner.

I woke up on Monday with pain on the inside part of my best milk storage, thankfully less painful than the bleb. It didn’t feel lumpy but there was pain. I checked over and over again to see if there were any clogged up milk ducts, but the usual tell-tale sign of hard lumps was absent.

As many breastfeeders do, I sucked up the pain and fed. I have no plans to stop breastfeeding any time soon, except my little man decides otherwise. So, unless the pain is utterly unbearable, I know no other way but to keep feeding. Thankfully, this wasn’t one of those tighten-every-muscle-on-you-before-latching kind of pain. You know the kind where you can’t get through the feed without tears filling and stinging your eyes, and sticking to your cheeks.

Subtle Blocked Ducts

Whilst at work, I checked for lumps during loo breaks but there were none. The pain persisted, day after day, feed after the feed. I tried not to worry about it, but every enquiry from my mum and hubby about it made me more concerned about it. I really hoped the pain would go away and that it wasn’t anything serious.

Then eventually, I remembered that targeted massage with some hot water might help. It was then or so, that I noticed that the base of the affected side didn’t feel as smooth as the side that felt normal. I wasn’t sure what to make of it really, I’ve always known blocked ducts to be very obvious, in the lumpy structures they turn boobies into.

I decided to particularly massage the base whenever I was able to, and without stressing about it. Well, guess what? The pain was gone in a few days afterwards, and the base felt really smooth. Voila … it was blocked ducts all along, just not where and how I’ve known it to occur.

I’m so relieved the pain is gone, and even more that I’m more familiar with my boobs. I also hope there will be no more boobie pain visiting anytime soon. I seem to be a magnet for them at the moment. I suppose returning to work after a long break has more impact than I thought, on our breastfeeding-on-request routine. My body is adjusting and I need to look after it more.  I’m really hoping that the cream coloured little bob on the rim of my nipple isn’t another bleb. 🙁 It’s so annoying it’s all occurring on my most efficient breast. O well, perhaps I need to cut down on my peanut butter intake and drink more water.

Can you relate? Do you have any pain on your body that you’re hoping for respite from?

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12 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Pain of the Subtle Blocked Ducts variety

    • Reducing / Removing saturated fat from one’s diet is said to help with reoccuring blebs. Peanut butter is not bad for breastfeeding, as far as I know. However, it’s another source of saturated fat in my diet, and one I can easily remove to reduce the chances of more blebs.

  1. Block ducts are awfully painful and uncomfortable. I remember those days. Usually a massage underneath a hot shower works for me to relieve the pain and ease out the lumps. Glad you feel better! 🙂

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    • Thanks for dropping by; blocked ducts are not fun. Thankfully, I’ve only had them a few times. I can’t describe the relief when they clear. 🙂

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