Top 5: Breastvest Review

Last year, whilst on maternity leave, I stumbled on the Keep Britain Scavenger Hunt and discovered the world of mummy bloggers. I even won a breastvest on one of the blog giveaways!

You see, I struggled with becoming a mum; breastfeeding took what seemed like forever to work, and what to wear to breastfeed when out and about was very stressful. So, coming across the breastvest was fantastic. I’m delighted to write my breastvest review, and even more to give one away to a mum who is breastfeeding.Β  “Why?”, you might wonder.

Well, see the top 5 things I really like about it.

Breatvest Review1. It “makes any top a breastfeeding top”

How fantastic is that! It has helped to give my pre-baby tops a new lease of life. I can breastfeed in these tops without worrying about my post-birth tummy showing. It sits right under one’s nursing bra unlike tank tops.

This means that my favourite blouses and shirts are not redundant until I stop breastfeeding (almost 18 months so far with no sign of stopping). It also saves me money on buying specialist breastfeeding clothes. I still like my breastfeeding attires, but I’ve spent less money on them because I use more of my pre-baby clothes now.

2. Stretchy and Comfy

I like the feel of the breastvest. It’s made of material that accommodates the changing size of my post-birth tummy. One big plus of the material it’s made out of is that it feels warm and cosy; fab for cold days.

3. Well designed straps

I also like the fact that, unlike the average tank top, it has adjustable straps. It also doesn’t interfere with the straps and clips of my nursing bras. In addition, the straps are on the side, instead of in front like your typical tank top.

4. Confidence inducing

Breastvest is one of the things that helped me with transitioning from using breastfeeding covers to using none. My blouse and baby covers my bosom and the breastvest covers my tummy. Simple, hey! It’s one less worry about maintaining my privacy when feeding my baby / toddler, and one more step inΒ  feeling confident about breastfeeding in public and company.

5. Mumpreneur MADE

If you’ve read most of my reviews, you’ll know that I have a soft spot for parentpreneurs and what they do.

It takes breastfeeding experience to come up with a well thought out product like the breastvest … indeed a mum,

… who refused to accept that pre-pregnancy clothes are redundant for another however-long-you-breastfeed-for …
… thought there was a more affordable way to dress up with breastfeeding in mind …
… who got fed up with using tank tops that are not long enough for the post-baby tummy cover you might want …
… who probably had to throw away a number of outstretched tank tops …
… with the will to improve her breastfeeding clothing experience and that of others …

I still use my surviving tank tops, but you can see the wear on them from all the stretching they were not designed for. I still have specializedΒ  breastfeeding clothes, but not as much as I would have opted for, if most of my pre-baby clothes were of no use for so long.

For me, breastvest reduces the pain in the neck that dressing up for outings can sometimes be, when you’re breastfeeding. It’s no surprise that it is a multi-award winning product.

So you see why I really like the breastvest.

The Breastvest is available worldwide in a range of sizes and colours from the BreastVest online shop, and they cost Β£15 (see their current promotions).

Breastvest Giveaway

You can win a breastvest, courtesy of the lovely people at BreastVest, as part of my celebration of World Breastfeeding Week with the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt.

Do / Did you use your pre-baby clothes for breastfeeding, or did you change your wardrobe?

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58 thoughts on “Top 5: Breastvest Review

  1. I love the look of the breastvests! I definitely think it will be worth investing in ready for baby arriving. I didn’t buy any specific feeding clothes last time around but didn’t make it past 2 weeks of feeding, I have bought nursing nighties/pjs so far for this baby as I don’t want to be faffing around in the middle of the night haha x

  2. I had breastfeeding bras and some loose tops, wearing my pre baby clothes would have been a nightmare for breastfeeding.

  3. These look great! I imagine I would want to buy lots of breastfeeding friendly clothes to help me along the way πŸ™‚

  4. I am expecting our first baby, so I haven’t breast fed yet. But I plan to wear my prebaby clothes with a nursing vest under my prebaby clothes.

  5. The breastvest looks like just the ticket for my new breastfeeding journey (I’m about to give birth in the next few weeks) πŸ™‚

  6. It’s so long since I breastfed that I’m not sure what I actually wore. It’s great to see such a simple, practical item is available for my daughter to use when ‘bump’ arrives in February.

  7. Only thing I changed was a normal bra to a breastfeeding bra, I did get a top, but as im between sizes it was huge in me, or live in vest tops!

  8. I use some of my pre pregnancy clothes for breastfeeding, but my boobs are so much bigger that most of them still don’t fit! – my little one is 5 and a half months at the moment & I aim to feed him for at least a year as I did with my daughter.

  9. I’ve lived in vest tops for a long time so still using them, although they’re starting to get a bit saggy at the front, but I’ve had to replace a lot of my summer dresses because they’re so high at the front with no give in the material they’re just so unsuitable

  10. This looks fantastic – wish I’d have known about this when I was breastfeeding! I kept wearing the same clothes usually but wore nursing bras and vest tops πŸ™‚ x

  11. This looks fab, I currently switch between ‘official’ nursing wear and ‘normal’ clothes, depending on whether I am planning to leave the house during the day.

  12. Wow these look awesome, wish i had known about these when i was breastfeeding as i just used my pre- baby clothes. My sister is planning on breastfeeding her little one that is due in January, i will be sure to tell her about these.

  13. I used my pre breast feeding clothes and looked ungainly . I fed in toilets , in the car, any where I could not be seen – This Breast Vest is incredible, so innovative and empathetic to breast feeding mums – it should not be an issue to breast feed your baby in public, but it is to so many people for some reason ! This is an absolutely fantastic product . well done

    • It is empathetic, isn’t it πŸ™‚

      Seeing others breastfeeding in public has helped me loads over the months; espeically not to feel that I have hide whilst doing something that is right and normal. Garments like the breastvest are a fab help!

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