10 BritMums Live Worries I didn’t have

I watched the 2015 BritMums Live buildup with interest over the past few months. Afterall, it’s the biggest UK blogging event for brands and lifestyle bloggers; a whole lot of parenting bloggers attend it.

By Thursday though, I knew I definitely wasn’t going. I had been lukewarm about going from the beginning; very unlike Mumsnet’s BlogFest last year when I was on Maternity Leave, and before I started my blog (another story for another day).

I read parent bloggers’ comments on Twitter and Facebook in relation to their outfits and disappointments about not getting a sponsor, with interest. All these eventually got me thinking about the positives of my non-attendance.

I am not glad I didn’t attend BritMums Live but I’m glad I wasn’t worried about the following associated issues:

1. Ticket cost

I have no doubt that the ticket was good value for money,  but I’m pleased I didn’t have to think about where the money was going to come from. I had no budget for it in the non-existent finances of my un-monetized blog. πŸ™‚

I also saved time on looking for a bargain buy, or competition to try and get a cheaper or free ticket … and there’s no harm missing out on the waiting to see if I got it, and the resulting disappointment of not.

2. What to wear

I’m not a fashionista and I tend to wear whatever I can get my hands on, most of the time; preferably with little to no need for ironing. I enjoy going out most of the time, but deciding what to wear sometimes makes the actual getting out a real chore.

With events like this, you might not care about dressing to impress but you especially want to look good. No crime in that; I mean, who doesn’t want to stand tall amongst their (blogging) peers? You want to know you’ve dressed well enough to fit into a social circle and there’s a pressure, albeit self-imposed,  that comes with this. It’s a pressure I definitely didn’t fancy; not now anyway.

I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about finding what to wear, where the money for it would have come from if needed, and how to dress up overall.

3. Travel

Travelling to an unknown venue requires planning time and money. In this instance, it would have involved public transport costs and perhaps accommodation. My travel time to and fro would probably have been about 2 hours each way; so a potential 8 hours on the road if I stayed at home, or 4 hours with accommodation near the venue. Nevermind all the possible travel delays and annoyances; I’m definitely glad I didn’t have to worry about these.

4. Sponsor search

I can’t count how many BritMums Live sponsor reveal tweets I came across in the past months. There was always the wondering about how each person did it, and you couldn’t miss the invisible pride that oozed out of reveal posts. It’s wonderful when hard work pays off, isn’t it.

The envy of the un-sponsored was also visible in many social media updates; and the disappointment of those whose long and hard search for one didn’t pay off, was unmistakable.

Now, getting a sponsor involves time to:

  • put together media packs and sponsorship packages,
  • write sponsorship posts,
  • design and position sponsorship graphics,
  • contact the right brands,
  • network, network, network;

and then wait, wait, wait, whilst hoping for the best.

Then of course, there is sponsorship for tickets, travel, accommodation, and outfits; thus, the question of whether to seek full or part sponsorship. Nevermind the time and pressures of fulfilling your sponsorship offerings afterwards.

O yes, I didn’t have the pleasures of getting a sponsor (s) and announcing one, but I’m also without its pressures. πŸ™‚

5. Friday and work

I didn’t have to worry about my options for Friday. I like to be fully where I am and I would have been gutted to only have attended one of 2 action packed days. I am not saddled with catching up at work or with the event.

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6. Childcare

What would I have done with Precious Sparkle; he’s too much of a toddler to take with me and his want of mummy’s milk directly is such that it would be hard for him to go without for such a long stretch. I would have really missed him; he is such fun, even when I feel I need a break. πŸ™‚

Family needs MUST always come before my blogging development; afterall, my blog is family inspired.

7. Online to Real-Life panic

I had a moment of panic the other day, whilst reading a BritMums Live post. The thought of actually meeting the different bloggers I’ve interacted with on Social Media made me feel really awkward. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them; it’s just the human fears associated with moving from virtual knowing to face-to-face meeting.

My baby was with me at BlogFest last year; he was great company and a fab conversation starter. What would I do without him at BritMums Live? Who would I hide behind if I didn’t find any bloggers to hang with?

8. Tiredness of long day

Life is tiring enough as it is; this is one less tiredness inducing activity to put myself through. The travelling would have taken a lot out of me; so would the energy required to get through each day.

9. Event write-up pressure

 The post-BritMums’ blog post race has begun and I’m okay with not having this pressure to get my post out as fast and unique as possible. When I finally started my blog after BlogFest, I couldn’t decide where to start my BlogFest post from. My self-imposed pressure to blog about my attendance didn’t subside until after the BlogFest post linky deadline was over.

10. New knowledge headache

Do I really want to know more about blog improvement actions that I don’t have time to implement? Is it really in my interest to add to my ever-growing list of blogging tips to action?

I bet some folks would be glad to have all these pressures. Maybe I would mind them too … perhaps this is my reach for the silver linning in the cloud of non-attendance ;-). Indeed, there are reasons I wished I attended too.

Did you have any worries about going to BritMums Live or another important event; what did you do with them?

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16 thoughts on “10 BritMums Live Worries I didn’t have

  1. I really like this post – such a good way of looking at it. There can be a lot of self-imposed pressure at events like these and whilst I didn’t put myself under pressure for a lot of it (I didn’t even try to find a sponsor for instance so didn’t have sponsor envy), it did make me realise how much pressure I do put myself under to blog consistently and it has been good to take a big step backwards this week and take that pressure off. Hopefully I will get to meet you at a blogging event in the future though x
    Louise recently posted…The Friday Focus 26/06/15My Profile

    • Sorry about my late reply and thanks for dropping by this post. Sponsor envy is one of those things one could definitely do without. Yeah, hopefully see you at a blogging event in the future, you’re so lovely. πŸ™‚

  2. Having been in the middle of all of this, I know what you mean! Although I think the only one that really qualified as ‘pressure’ for me was heading into an event with 700+ people and not having met any of them before, plus the inevitable anxiety about being shy, introverted and socially awkward. As it was, that anxiety dissipated before I had even got to the event – I was waved down before I even got to my hotel to check in, and by the time I pitched up for registration I had already had a good chat (and a couple of fortifying beers) with at least ten other bloggers. Bingo, fear gone. In fact, quite the opposite – I was surprised by how many bloggers came up to me to say hi and offer a hug, and consequently how emboldened that made me to go and sit on random tables talking to random people.

    Some of your other concerns I totally get but just weren’t applicable to me. Clothing-wise, as a bloke I wasn’t too worried about what to wear (as long as there were no obvious food stains) – I finally decided what to wear 30 minutes before leaving the house as I threw random clothes into a case.

    I would, of course, have liked to have had a sponsor but I’m in the fortunate position where I could afford to do the weekend without sponsorship, so although I did put a little effort into contacting sponsors, I didn’t push it too hard or get concerned about it.

    It was definitely a long two days, but I had no complaints. I just wish I’d had more time to catch up more with more people. And the pressure to get stuff written up? For me, it was not so much pressure as inspiration – despite having had 3.5 hours’ sleep on the Friday night, I was up beyond 2am on both Saturday and Sunday nights doing two separate posts, and I’ve got ideas for about five more as a direct result of attending that I would probably never have had. Plus, unexpectedly and somewhat tangentially, my long-held ambition to write a book suddenly came into focus as a result of a couple of completely unrelated conversations during the two days. I’m not sure that would have happened otherwise.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the upsides of not going that you have listed – and I agree with them. But for me at least, the upsides of going more than outweighed them.
    Tim recently posted…A new chapter begins (literally)My Profile

    • SO sorry it’s taken me forever to respond to your lovely and thoughtful comment. What a lovely experience this was for you. Things are not always as bad as they might seem in our minds, hey. Infact, sometimes they’re way better than expected and we would have missed out if we didn’t give it a chance.

      πŸ™‚ – about the clothing concern for you.

      What an encouraging comment this is; the upsides of your attendance definitely outweighed the downsides. Maybe see you next year, and I’m looking forward to reading more of the posts inspired by the event. All the best with your book too; so glad attending the event helped to clarify your path in relation to this πŸ™‚

  3. I like it! There was such a lot of hype before the event, which of course is what it’s all about! Personally , I set out to have the Britmumslive I wanted to have which was to hang out with bloggers I like, dress how I liked, do sessions if they interested me and chill out if they didn’t. It would be lovely to see you there one year, and we can play it all down. What do you think?
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Jamie’s Italian NottinghamMy Profile

  4. I attended an event by tots. Its not as big but the bloggers behind the blogs that I read will be there to either do a talk or to listen. I feel so scared that I wont belong but when I arrive the very gracious Vic Welton welcomed me with a hug and then I felt better and I learned so much from that event. I wish I can attend Britmums next year. I really dont have the resources to attend though. But I wish. #pocolo
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…#WsMAirFest 2015My Profile

  5. I think there are a lot of pros and cons attending Britmums. I went and paid for my own ticket and wore my comfy jeans too πŸ™‚ I did admittedly go with a Britmums pro who i stayed with, i did not speak to many bloggers because of my nerves. It was an overwhelming experience but i would like to do it again. I had to travel over 2 hours per day and was exhausted by the end of it and i had 2 children to come home to. I am still happy i went though πŸ™‚ #sundaystars

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