Changing Bag Essentials: Top 5

Going out was simpler and quicker before Precious Sparkle. I didn’t leave home with much and I could made do with very little, quite easily. Precious Sparkle’s enriching arrival in our lives has spiced up my going out routine.

With him, I have to leave home with a bag … or two … or even three. I usually need to take our changing bag, sometimes with a toys’ bag, and sometimes with my bag; it all depends on where we’re going and how long for.

There are certain items though, that I dare not leave home without; below are my top 5 changing bag essentials.

Changing Bag Essentials1. Nappies

These tend to be number 1 on my unwritten checklist ‘row call’ before leaving the house. I’ve learnt over the months to make sure there are a few in the changing bag.

Discovering you don’t have a nappy when you need one, in a changing room or somewhere else, is not a pleasant experience. It’s definitely a humbling and ‘can’t wait to get home’ experience. That feeling of ‘what an irresponsible mother I am’ doesn’t feel good, nevermind what the mum you ask for a spare might think. Imagine the awkwardness if they don’t have a spare nappy, or if the nappy you’re offered is under-size, over-size, or a brand you’ve sworn you wouldn’t use on your child.

O yes, I never want to leave home without some nappies for my little man.

2. Wipes

What would I do without these? They are not just key for nappy changes but also to wipe little and big hands and faces, chairs and tables, railings and handles etc. You just really never know when you might need some of these wet thin disposable sheets. I definitely feel better with then in my changing bag.

3. Muslin Squares

I first heard about this in a discussion with my friend about my baby shower gift list some weeks before I gave birth. ‘Muslin what?’ Yeah, ‘Muslin Squares’. She assured me that I definitely want them; how right she was!

They are so good; every parent should have a stash of them. I’ve got plain ones and patterned ones; mostly white ones, and a few green, yellow, and blue ones. I like the variety; it means you can easily assign different ones for different jobs. They also come in different sizes, and they are breathable.

I use them to create more shade for Precious Sparkle in our buggy, to mop up spills, to wipe off dirt, and a range of other things. O yes, I need my Muslin Squares and I tend to have a few in the changing bag every time.

4. Extra clothes

These are a must; I learnt the hard way! You do not want to be without extra clothes when you have young children.

You want them to cope with unexpected poonamis … you want them for wee leaks … you want them for when the water in the cup finds its way to your child’s clothes … when playing on the floor is such fun … and so many other situations when your little ones could really do with clean clothes.

I tend to have at least 2 spare vests and other outfits depending on the weather, in a little bag, in my changing bag. Having them in a little bag brings some measure of organisation to my changing bag.

5. Moisturiser

Precious Sparkle’s neck needs to be kept moisturised. Having his special ointment at hand means that he will be that much more comfortable. This is definitely an item I don’t want to leave home without.

So there you have it, my top 5 changing bag essentials when I go out with Precious Sparkle.

What items can you not leave home without?

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