Check Out This View 2

Check out this view; a beautiful sky through the trees … a reason to stand and stare.

I know it happens daily, but my, what a view!

This splash of colours is breathtaking.

Check out this view 03Mar15: a colour splash in the sky, a daily occurrence, yet so new. Adventures of a Novice MumMy camera only captured a glimpse of what my eyes beheld, as I walked home from work on that day.

‘Amazing’, ‘incredible’, ‘wow’, are some of the words that came to me on that lovely evening.

I zoomed in, and then again, to see if I could just get closer to the colours in some way 🙂

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I am so thankful to have such a sight to view, on my walk home after a long day of work.

A beauty in the haze that life can sometimes be. #beautyinthehaze

3 shots, same scene, taken with my Samsung digital camera; which do you prefer?

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