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I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be writing my first post, and even more because my first post is about changing things for the better.

As a teacher who has heard many times about the location of poverty in so called developing countries and wealth in the Western World, I have repeatedly taught that there is poverty in every country though its extent varies from one to another. Even then, I was shocked to find out about some appalling stats from Unilever’s Project Sunlight (in conjunction with OxfamGB) at Mumsnet’s BlogFest 2014. Do you know that not only does 42% of households in the UK find it difficult to live on their monthly earnings, but that 22% of these have parents staying hungry to feed their children?

Every #ClearAPlate Facebook post or Tweet = Unilever’s donation of more meals for families in need through OxfamGB

I know there is poverty in the UK, but not to this extent! This is contrary to the impression many TV programs give. Indeed, I think I’ve for the most part thought that no matter how poor you are in the UK, there’s always government benefit to help you out and for me this means you can’t go hungry. Well, sadly, many do every day.

The #ClearAPlate campaign brought home the importance of portion sizes and food waste to me. I was going to leave my plate with unfinished food on it during lunch at BlogFest, but I was challenged otherwise by the campaign symbol in my hand, the #ClearAPlate plate. It got me thinking about how easy it is to waste food whilst many go hungry and how unacceptable this is. It also got me considering what I could still do differently in this regard.

I’ve uploaded my #ClearAPlate from BlogFest to twitter  and I’m starting my blog with this post. I will make time to plan our food for the week, so that we can buy only food that we will definitely use. I will pay more attention to my portion size at home and outside, to avoid wasting food or overeating. I will give more thought to those who don’t have enough food and be more grateful for the food my family and I have. I will care enough to support efforts to help provide food for those in need when I can. I will promote this campaign in my classroom and school when I return to work.

The #ClearAPlate will not eradicate poverty in the UK, but it raises our awareness of poverty and challenges us to act against it. It encourages us to be more mindful in our attitude to food: what we buy, how much we put on our plate to eat, and what we do with our leftovers.

What changes do you think you can still make to reduce food waste and show empathy for those who don’t have enough to eat? Have you uploaded your clear plate with #ClearAPlate on Facebook or Twitter? Are you going to help raise awareness of poverty and food waste in the UK, whilst getting more meals to families in need through Unilever UK & Ireland and OxfamGB?

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5 thoughts on “#ClearAPlate @ #Blogfest14

  1. Thanks for stopping by and joining my hop. Great post to raise awareness. These stats are so sad that people go hungry to feed their children 🙁 we have 4 children and it feels like all our money goes on food..

    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing the blog hop :):)

    • Thanks Claire, you’re so lovely. I’m enjoying your hop, my first blog hop, love the idea of having all the links on my blog … makes it quickly to check more blogs out. Such a shame about food poverty, isn’t it. Hopefully more families will have enough food because of the campaign. Looking forward to linking up again.

    • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! I agree about not forcing children to eat … doesn’t teach them to respect food and listen to their bodies. I suppose what we can do is teach them about portion control and food waste in a child friendly way from as early as possible. Looking forward to linking up to #brilliantblogposts again.

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