Daily Post Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Last Friday, I saw an email from a blog I follow with a post of their Daily Post Photo Challenge. I’ve been meaning to participate in WordPress’ weekly photo challenge for months but I have such a long to-do list.

I checked the week’s theme, Half and Half, and also found out that I have the whole week to join in. On Tuesday whilst walking with a very dear friend, I remembered the theme when I saw this:

Half n Half

Throughout the day and the next, I kept seeing scenes that called out, ‘half and half’ to me. As you might have thought, I kept snapping and zooming and snapping; whilst standing still sometimes and as a car passenger at other times.  🙂

Half n Half 1

The more pictures I took, the more creative I got with my camera angles.

Half n Half 3

And then, I saw a different kind of ‘half and half’, which my husband didn’t buy into when I showed him. 🙂

Do you see the ‘half and half’ that I see?

Half n Half 2

Then, there is this one which I like but my friend saw differently. I saw 2 ‘half and half’ sides divided by clouds, she saw 2 ‘half and half’ sides different by their shade. This is one of the things I like about photography, the more you look, the more you might see :-).

Half n Half b

Oh, and there is this one that I really like. I took it whilst looking up at the protruding roof of the check-in lounge of the airport we took a friend to.

Half n Half d

As you might guess, I had some ‘half and half’ fails, but that’s okay; they show I tried. 🙂

And so I rest my ‘half and half’ quest for now, my first Daily Post Weekly Challenge; hopefully the start of many more.

Which of my ‘half and half’ especially caught your attention, and why?

Linkup: Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

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6 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. The photo challenge is a great idea to inspire photography especially if you’re seeong the same views as everyday as it forces you to look for different aspects of your surroundings. It’s something I might try while out and about with my daughter too to get her looking around and involved. I found your post on #weekendbloghop
    Dan (Shiredad) recently posted…Review: Langleybury Children’s FarmMy Profile

    • Photo challenges are lovely if one can make time for it. Definitely worth trying out with your daughter, I think she’ll enjoy it. It encourages you to pay attention to things you might not usually notice.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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