Dry Skin not Eczema

D is for Dry Skin not Eczema

I can think of a few motherhood ‘D’s but I’m going for dry skin in this post. This is a topic I’m kinda forcing myself to face up to. It is not pretty, desirable, or appealing. It is flaky, itchy, unsightly, and … dry! It is not what you want for yourself, and definitely not what you want for your baby.

@ the Hospital

It is unfortunately something that I noticed on my baby’s legs and feet a few days after he was born. I told some of the health professionals around me about it but they didn’t seem to matter. I was thus very thankful for the pediatrician’s check when it happened; the dry bits had become quite scaly at this point, and his skin had started breaking. She assured me that this was quite common with our skin type and she prescribed Olive oil.

However, despite multiple requests from our midwife at the hospital, we never got the prescription. I had actually taken a bottle of Olive oil with me to the hospital but it broke. Thankfully, my husband was able to get another one for us to use; I cannot describe the relief I felt in my heart when I saw the improvements this made.

I was upset with myself for not going with my gut instinct and instead waiting for medial professionals to guide me. I suppose we all want some kind of official confirmation that we’re doing the right thing for our children. I have since learnt and continue to learn, that mum knows best.

@ Home

And so, when I noticed Precious Sparkle’s scalp turning dry weeks after he was born, I didn’t ask anyone before I started using Olive oil on it.

Unfortunately and to my disappointment, the Olive oil didn’t adequately deal with other dry patches that later appeared on his lovely soft skin. I had to persistently seek medical advice; until a specialist nurse prescribed Hydromol for us – the normal one first, and the sensitive one later. This seemed to sort our the dryness for a while.

Sadly, our delight was tempered with the discovery of even worse dryness around his neck, and some discolouration on his skin. ‘Could it be eczema?’, I wondered a few times. The specialist nurse had said that it wasn’t, though one of the GPs we saw said that it might be a mild case of eczema.

You see, I can’t face the fact that it might be eczema. I grew up in an environment where eczema was seem as an ailment of the poor and dirty; and those with eczema seemed to be looked down upon. I definitely don’t think this now, but I can’t seem to escape the negative feeling that comes with the thought of having eczema. I feel unable to consider that Precious Sparkle might have eczema; I find myself struggling to accept any medical judgement that isn’t otherwise.

My husband and I continue to apply the Hydromol and we hope that it is working even if it doesn’t look like it sometimes. I’m probably going to ask for a referral to a dermatologist; perhaps their diagnosis will help me face up to what the issue is so that we can more adequately deal with it.

How I long for the end of the discomfort caused by the dryness.


Do you or your baby have dry skin? How do you deal with it? Do you struggle with the term, ‘eczema’?

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5 thoughts on “Dry Skin not Eczema

  1. How frustrating for you! I wish I had a useful suggestion to offer, but olive oil is my go-to remedy and that’ hasn’t worked for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Hydramol starts working on the stubborn areas.
    Kern Windwraith recently posted…Dictionary loveMy Profile

  2. It’s really horrible isn’t it? My eldest suffers and we are still looking for the right remedy for her. Her skin is just dry patches on her face or top of her arms but her head is full of bad scalp which is more eczema like and it does look horrid. I’ve heard Aveeno is great so I may look into this but of course her hair requires more chemist trip remedy I feel! Good luck
    Hannah Cupcake Mumma recently posted…Dear March…..#A-ZChallengeMy Profile

    • Dry skin is not nice at all and Eczema is not pleasant either. We must battle on until we find something that works, and it bids them goodbye! We must remain hopeful that the dryness will get better soon. I hope Aveeno works whenever you try it.

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