Hotmilk Lingerie’s Eclipse Nursing Bra | Review and Giveaway

Eclipse Nursing Bra | Introduction

Nursing bras are one of my current motherhood staples, and not surprisingly …. or perhaps, silly as it might sound to some, they are one of the things with the potential to get me excited. So, you can imagine how pleased I was when Hotmilk Lingerie asked me to check out one of their nursing bras.

“Lush”, I thought … “most definitely, bring it on”. I enjoy checking things out, especially things that fit well with my life.

Even better, I’ve consistently heard good things about Hotmilk on the nursing outfits’ grapevine – ‘stylish’, ‘comfy’, ‘good support’, ‘popular’ ….

So, this is one review I couldn’t say ‘no’ to.

After exploring their nursing bra range, I decided to go for the Eclipse Black Nursing Bra.  

Eclipse Nursing Bra | @aNoviceMum Reviews

They posted it to me free of charge for this review, and as usual, my opinion 
of the bra is independent and honest.

Eclipse Nursing Bra | First Impressions

I liked the look of the bra on their website and I wasn’t disappointed when I received it … the silky feel, the lacy rims, the cute little bow and the beautiful diamanté hanging from it – what a gorgeous ornament, give it that extra oomph.

Can you keep a secret? Shhhh … don’t tell anyone. It’s the most stylish nursing bra I’ve ever owned.

It looks good and feels good, both to touch and wear.

Hotmil's Eclipse bra, won by a pregnant womanEclipse Nursing Bra | Key Features

  • Underwire-free soft cup for comfortable support
  • Wider straps on larger cups for added strength
  • 100% cotton lined cups and straps for breathability
  • Stretchy at the top of the cup for pregnancy breast growth
  • 6 hook and eye extension for pregnancy rib cage expansion
  • Full cup with an A-frame for support and coverage when nursing
  • One-handed drop down cups for quick and easy access for breastfeeding

Eclipse Nursing Bra | My Experience


I got myself into knots trying to decide my size. You see, I like products that I can use for a long time; it’s better for my pocket and the environment. Hence, I wanted a size that I could use for the rest of my pregnancy, my next breastfeeding journey (however long it is), and if possible, beyond. Ambitious, I know; but I’m quite a ‘use-for-as-long-as-possible’ kinda girl.

It’s worth noting that I was around 25/26 weeks pregnant when I got my sizing done for this review. It’s not uncommon to go through 2 to 3 bra fittings and cup sizes during pregnancy, thanks to all the changes it brings about in the body. This will of course vary from one person to another.

With all the bust size changes I’ve been through – due to almost 3 years of breastfeeding and months of pregnancies – my correct bra size is oftentimes a mystery to me.

Hotmilk’s customer service to the rescue ….

They have a bra size chart and guide on their website, with clear instructions. However, I wasn’t sure whether my size judgement was correct. So I did what anyone in my position would do, and contacted their customer service. Their response was prompt and helpful. I emailed my underbust and cup size measurements to them, and they told me my bra size for their brand … simples.

Hotmilk Bra Size Chart


A woman unhooking a Hotmilk eclipse braFit:

I was quite surprised at how supportive it felt, given that it’s an underwire-free bra … it’s just as you see it in the picture on their site.

Unlike some of the nursing bras I use, the inner A-frame of the strap covers the top of the breast, and maintains the firm support of the bra when the cup is unclipped for breastfeeding. The hook and eye extension is also brilliant; giving ample room for adjustment during pregnancy and beyond, without compromising the firm support the bra gives.

The main part of the cup isn’t stretchy, but its top is; I reckon this and the adjustable straps will accommodate the size changes of the breastfeeding breasts.


A frame of the inside of a Hotmail nursing bra

Eclipse Black Nursing Bra | Top 5 Likes

  1. It’s adjustable and gives excellent support to changing pregnant and breastfeeding breasts
  2. It’s multi-functional; serving both as a maternity and nursing bra and I reckon you can continue to use it post-breastfeeding too.
  3. It’s made of comfy fabric … you can see and feel that it’s good quality
  4. It’s stylish and attractive … pleasing to look at and wear
  5. It’s good value for money … its price reflects its quality.

And I really appreciate Hotmilk Lingerie’s customer service. It makes such a difference to buy from companies that respond quickly to one’s concerns, doesn’t it.

Eclipse Nursing Bra | Product Information

  • £39.95
  • Sizes 32 to 42
  • Black and Nude
  • Cups B to H, including DD, FF, and GG

Eclipse Hotmilk website

Eclipse Nursing Bra | Care Information

  • Cold machine wash at gentle temperature
  • Line dry in the shade: no tumble drying
  • No ironing, bleaching, or dry-cleaning

Eclipse Nursing Bra | Overall

I’ve enjoyed reviewing this bra, and I’m glad it’s part of my wardrobe. I know there are cheaper nursing bras out there; I’ve got some myself … without doubt though, you get what you pay for. The quality of this bra means that it will most definitely last longer than some of my other ones.

You can buy the Eclipse from Hotmilk Lingerie, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 days return and exchange process. And you can get 10% off on your first order if you join their mailing list. You can also buy it from Amazon, where it is currently on sale, and from other online and high street shops.

Hotmilk Lingerie's guarantee and 10% discount on first order

You can also get matching bikini briefs from Hotmilk Lingerie, maternity / nursing sleep bras, and other kinds of underwear.

This is one maternity / nursing bra I’m happy to recommend.

Eclipse Black Nursing Bra | Giveaway

Now, regular visitors to my blog know that I always try to accompany my reviews with giveaways. Well, this review is no exception, thanks to the generosity of Hotmilk Lingerie.

For your chance to win an Eclipse Nursing Bra for yourself or a loved one that could really do with it, accurately complete the following entry options on the widget below; terms and conditions apply.

All the best with your entries.

What are your nursing bra must-have features?

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113 thoughts on “Hotmilk Lingerie’s Eclipse Nursing Bra | Review and Giveaway

  1. My must have features for a nursing bra would be support and softness, I have had bras in a previous pregnancy cut into my armpits.

    • O my word Emma, that’s awful … ouch … I don’t want to imagine how painful that must have been. Well, the Eclipse doesn’t give any nasty cuts, and it gives really good support.

  2. I don’t have any children and have never been pregnant but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  3. Comfortable, and practical as in ease of use for Breastfeeding and washes well keeping shape and support. Also needs to dry out well and fairly quickly following being washed /laundered.

    Like the multifunctional features.

  4. Good support is important, and comfort is the name of the game! I’m about to have my third. I breastfed my other two and never owned and good nursing bras, so this would be awesome.

    • I didn’t know there were special bras for breastfeeding when I started my journey with my toddler. I’m definitely thankful for them and this one is a fab one. Congratulations on your third – what an exciting time. All the best with your entries. 🙂

  5. Support and to look good, i lost so much confidence after having my daughter and wearing ugly nursing bras, i refuse to lose confidence again after my current pregnancy

    • Good for you Magdalene … sorry about your loss of confidence – very helpful to have with motherhood. This bra has been fab for my current pregnancy too. 🙂 Congratulations on your babe on the way and all the best with his or her arrival. What an exciting time! All the best with your entries too.

  6. I’m looking for a nursing bra that is comfortable, especially for tender breasts & nipples. There’s nothing worse than chafing around that delicate area

  7. before I was pregnant, i was fairly self conscious about the size of my boobs (very small) but haven’t let this put me off the idea of breastfeeding. However, I am still conscious that people will see my bras etc much more now, so would really like the bras i wear to be comfortable and still nice to look at!

    • You’ll like this bra; comfy with stylish design 🙂 Incredible how breastfeeding isn’t about boob size, isn’t it. 🙂 All the best with your entries.

  8. A nursing bra must be comfortable, but also stylish – so many are ugly things that don’t help you feel attractive after having a baby, easy to open and close and supportive

  9. No pinching.. no chaffing.. good support.. comfort. . No seams across the breast that could cause discomfort.. I’m currently feeding twins so comfort and support are paramount

  10. Cups made from expandable material. A clip to un-do and a nice design if possible.

  11. it must be soft and durable with a little bit of style. Even if clothes are covered in food and sick a good bra still makes you feel pretty!

  12. What a lovely review of the item. For me it has to be easy to open and be very supportive. I also hate it when you jlget a nursing bra that is really uncomfortable as the material is not soft enough but this looks like it tickets all of those boxes x

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, and all the best with your entries. This bra is definitely easy to open and very supportive, and the material is lush. 🙂

  13. It must be easy to undo to feed baby and the quality good enough to be able to be washed frequently and still look good

  14. Must have features have to be support and comfort i really struggled to find a comfy bra when i was pregnant with my first baby!

  15. A must have for nursing bras is that it can be unclipped and clipped with one hand.

  16. Has to be comfortable first and foremost (I mean you’re already uncomfortable and don’t need added discomfort) and it needs to be adjustable. Also, I like bras that are easy to put on and take off – nothing “complicated”. FANTASTIC prize, fingers, toes and everything else crossed! x

  17. Lots of support, breathability (that cotton lining sounds great!) and easy access – I’ve found a lot of difference in ease of use in nursing bras

  18. I love hot milk stuff, and I loved your review, I used their nursing silk nighties as well, sooooo luxurious

    • Thanks for your kind comment Rebecca … I really enjoyed reviewing this bra, as you can see in my post. I bet their nursing silk nighties are luxurious – sounds like one to have! All the best with your entries.

  19. Nursing bras need to make you feel attaractive, be comfortable and fit well which is not easy in a large size

    • They are really stylish – fab combo with ‘comfort’ and ‘support’, right. Thanks for entering; all the best with your entries.

    • I feel you! Pregnancy and comfort don’t always mix, hey. This nursing bra definitely brings in some feel-good factor for this period of so many changes. All the best with your entries.

    • Oh yes, this one is different … stylish and chic without compromising comfort and support. Thanks for entering, all the best with your entries.

    • Your comment made me smile … comfort and support are definitely part of the features of this one; in addition to being really chic. All the best with your entries.

    • What a fab feature; I saw a bra like this for the first time at the Baby and Toddler Show the other week … definitely one to experience 🙂 All the best with your entries.

  20. I’m currently 6 days into my breastfeeding journey so nursing bras are all a bit of an enigma to me so reading your review is really helpful. I bought a couple of cheap and cheerful nursing bras whilst pregnant (bfing my eldest didn’t work out so I didn’t want to spend lots and not end up using them) but they’re already becoming a bit misshapen. I think what I’m looking for is good support and something that doesn’t make me feel ‘frumpy’! 🙂 Great comp. x

    • Glad my review helped Jenna. I know what you mean about cheap and cheerful nursing bras; they’re not quite for the long haul, are they. Hotmilk Lingerie are frump-free, for sure – definitely on the far opposite of it. 🙂 All the best on your breastfeeding journey; and indeed with your entries.

  21. It has to be comfortable first and foremost, but lots of hook options on the back to adjust the size are practical too

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