F for Breastfeeding Fun | 2016 #AtoZChallenge

Breastfeeding can be such fun, though it took me months to discover this. Our first latch was surreal; I’d actually and finally become a new mum, and I had to feed my this little person. Our journey, from this point onwards was physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging for many months; and in ways I could never have imagined.

My earliest memory of breastfeeding fun was the day my little one looked up at me, and reached out his hand to stroke my cheek whilst feeding. I didn’t understand it, and wasn’t sure how to react; but my, did it feel good! It took a while for me to stop smiling, and even now, thoughts of it warms the cockles of my heart.

The more relaxed and comfortable I felt about breastfeeding, the more my confidence grew, the more enjoyment I got out of it, the more direct interaction and fun we had whilst feeding.

Breastfeeding allows babies from the start to easily decide their feeding pace, and this definitely allows for lots of fun whilst feeding.

I remember a number of occasions when my son paused his feeding to say, ‘bless you’ when I sneezed, with his boob filled mouth. I can’t quite capture in words, how much this tickled my husband and I; he just resumed feeding like nothing had happened. 🙂

We now play peek-a-boo at the boobs; oh, the day I discovered we could do this. We sometimes continuously wink at each other, and I also sometimes briefly tickle him whilst casually feeding; very amusing. He of course lets me know when he’s not in the mood, and I respect his wishes.

It took a while to relax and not worry about the need for him to concentrate on his latch when his teeth started growing. It was reassuring to know how to stop a bite from happening or continuing; a skill I learnt from my LLL breastfeeding group. However, watching him laugh or try to talk with my very precious milk delivery point wedged between his teeth is still a bit uncomfortable. And so, I continue to find the balance between trusting him and his breastfeeding abilities, and reminding him to be careful; this is one potential nip, I’m opting out of.

There is never a dull moment when we’re feeding. Even when he is in his own zone, the way he wiggles and changes position makes me laugh and fills me with wonder. The exploration of my face with his little hands and fingers … and so much more … will always make me smile.

I did not know that there was so much fun to be had at the boob with little ones. The longer I breastfeed, the more the fun. 🙂

~ Did you know breastfeeding can be such fun? ~

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    • Yeah … I stumbled on it really. Breastfeeding Cuddles are fab aren’t they – you get to hold them for much longer than otherwise. Wrestling is also fun, though not when you get unintentionally poked or hit. 🙂

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