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F is for Frugi

There are a few motherhood ‘Fs’ I could consider, but I’m going for Frugi, a really fabulous green and ethical clothing brand in the UK. Frugi did not ask me to write this post, they don’t even know about it (I’ll probably tell them later). So, what have they got to do with my motherhood journey?


Well, you might know that breastfeeding is an important part of my motherhood experience; and as such I applaud everything that has helped me in this regard. I first came across Frugi on a Facebook competition post during my maternity leave last year; boy, I’m I glad I saw that post! The Frugi breastfeeding outfits I later acquired has helped me so much.


You see, I really struggled with what to wear when I was pregnant and this continued after I had Precious Sparkle. At some point in my pregnancy I accepted that I’d outgrown most of my clothes and I packed them up to create space for other things. My hopes of getting back into them faded when I discovered that my mummy tummy wasn’t going to vanish in a hurry. In any case, my shirts and jumpers were not designed for breastfeeding.

Added to this, it took me ages to sort out breastfeeding at home, never mind breastfeeding in public. Also, my lack of confidence with my clothes contributed to my preference for staying at home in those early months of childbirth when I could have done with being out and about.


What massive blessing it was when I got some Frugi outfits; They were definitely one of the breaks I needed from the extended baby blues downward spiral I was trying to get out it.


Below are the top 5 things I especially like about Frugi and their breastfeeding clothes

1. They are so soft and stylish …  super comfy … excellent quality … and very practical.

The felt really good the first time I wore them and the feeling has been the same every time after. They also look as good as new, despite being put through their paces for months. They are my go-to outfit for all outings that involve breastfeeding breaks, but I also wear them on other occasions. I’ve had many comments about how they don’t look especially made for breastfeeding and I’ve enjoyed multiple compliments about how chic they look. They contributed to my confidence and ability to breastfeed in public whenever I needed to.

2. They are made from fully certified organic cotton.

This definitely adds to the good feeling and helps to understand why they feel so soft! Frugi’s organic label is certified by 3 organisations. So you know you’re not just wearing nasty-chemical-free clothing, but one that has been made sustainably in relation to the environment and its labour force.

3. They are charitable, ethical and environmentally friendly.

They are a 1% for the Planet company, which means that they donate 1% of their annual sales to programmes that promote sustainability. So really, you give to charity every time you buy a Frugi outfit. They also support a range of organisations in the UK and abroad, and they care for the welfare of the workers in their supply chain.

4. They are are parentprenuers.

The Frugi startup story is such a beautiful and inspiring one. I really admire parentpreneurs; such problem solvers and ‘need meeters’. In improving their own lives, they make it easier for others; knowing how difficult the parenting road can be. So thoughtful and caring, isn’t it.

5. They have a fun and accesible website.

I like websites that are easy to navigate and Frugi’s is definitely one of these. Their website is so personal and cheerful, with its lovely organisation, fun graphics, and feel-good colours.


There you have it, the top 5 things I really like about Frugi. They sell children’s clothing and other products too; and their prices are reasonable. If I could afford it, I’ll buy all our clothes from them.

Do you consider any of the features above when buying clothes?

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