I’m going to the launch of The Breastfeeding Advert

I’m going to the launch of The Breastfeeding Advert

Yah … I’m going to the launch of The Breastfeeding Advert, part of Tiny Human’s Human Milk project. ‘Terrified and excited’ doesn’t quite capture how I feel. Over 6 hours round-trip train travel (with multiple changes) with a newborn is daunting but worth being part of history in the making. With little to no spare time during the day, I’ve not even had the time to try on my fabulous bargain of a dress from Milk and Mummy. Pram or baby carrier? I still haven’t decided. ‘What change bag should I take, and what things do I need to pack?’ – I’m still not sure. I’ve not even bought my train ticket and my return destination is different from my departure station. So yes, I’m excited … but also scared.

Oh no … my hair … I forgot about that … what I’m I going to do to it? … I can’t even remember the last time I sorted it out.

Somehow I’m just going to have to find a way to get us to the launch.

It’s not just another pro-breastfeeding advert, where breastfeeding is incidental to the product being sold, or one of those public health breastfeeding videos. Oh no … this is a gorgeous and well crafted one… no products on sale, no governmental input, no big business money, just the beautiful science of human milk for tiny humans, brought to you by an incredible group of volunteers.

What is The Breastfeeding Advert?

It’s the brainchild of Claire, the artist behind the incredible piece of artwork, ‘the composition of human milk’. Working on a voluntary basis, she brought together a diverse group of parents to make it happen. Claire and her core team of volunteers worked their socks off for 2 years and 4 months, with no external funding, to pull this off.

I feel so privileged to be part of this historic and independent initiative, and I can’t wait to see all it will contribute to the global discourse and support surrounding infant feeding.

My, collaborating with such a varied – gender, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, social status, disability, skills – group of parents is so insightful and enriching.

What the launch means to me?


Over the years, especially with the increasing aggression in the marketing tactics of Formula companies around the world, many folks have casually wished for a breastfeeding ad. Most have thought it impossible; without definite gain never mind conflict of interest, big business is unlikely to make one, and the government doesn’t seem to have the funds for it.

Well, Claire was fed up too, but she did more than wish there was a breastfeeding ad. A dreamer and a doer, she set out to accomplish the seemingly impossible and dared to make an excellent ad about breastfeeding and breastmilk. She put her livelihood and money on the line, and worked hard to put together a team to bring her vision to life.

Her commitment and perseverance are inspiring … what a go-getter. She dared to think she could and she did.

She definitely inspires me to keep dreaming and doing; the creative process she went through to make it all possible is refreshing.


One thing I really appreciate about Claire’s project is the accessibility of scientific information about breastmilk and breastfeeding in plain English. I wasn’t prepared for breastfeeding when it became part of my world; I don’t think I have as hard as I did on it. So, I find learning about breastmilk and breastfeeding really affirming and empowering. It in a way gives a voice of a sort to my instinctive desire to breastfeed my children, and fills me with awe for the One who made me.

The detail in this ad and project is one that acknowledges and celebrates the value of this natural prep machine that stems from me, for my toddler (soon to be preschooler) and newborn.

Also, the ad’s photo shoot and video really captures some of the things I love about breastfeeding – its inclusivity, togetherness, raw beauty, and so much more.

Informed Choice

Of all children’s related businesses, the food industry is probably the biggest, and breastfeeding is not big business. The profit margins of the top players in this industry is sadly dependent on low breastfeeding rates. With this in mind, access to comprehensible information that is as objective as possible is very important. This project significantly contributes to providing clear and quality breastfeeding and breastmilk information – brilliant for those breastfeeding, those who want to breastfeed, and those trying to decide what and how to feed their baby / toddler


I look forward to sharing how I find the launch.

What do think? High time for a breastfeeding ad or not?

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