Grapes in Baby Led Weaning

G is for Grapes in Baby Led Weaning

Gratitude is one of my motherhood Gs and I particularly reflected on it in my #1000Speak posts:
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I also write a weekly gratitude list post; it’s so therapeutic! I have unfortunately missed some weeks but I should be back on track soon. 🙂

So for this post, I’ve decided to focus on another one of my motherhood Gs, grapes in our weaning journey. Seriously, grapes did take up a lot of my mothering thinking, watching and prep time!

In preparation for the weaning road, I read and heard about different foods to avoid and different ways to give solid food. Weaning to solids was the last course on my health visiting team’s post-natal course and I was reminded that grapes are one of many food items that could cause choking because of their size, shape, and skin texture.

For a range of reasons I will be discussing in another post, I decided that baby led weaning was the way for us. So when I first offered grapes to Precious Sparkle, it wasn’t pureed. Instead, I peeled their skin cut them into 4 pieces, and put them on his tray.

A while after we started weaning, my hubby and I took a first aid course offered by one of our local Children Centres; it was delivered by the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance. We also had a refresher from the Red Cross at one of the Baby Shows a while after. These informed me more about the choking and gagging process and prepared me better for managing their occurrence.

G is for Grapes in Baby Led Weaning | PS taking grape |Adventures of a Novice Mum | Considering my Motherhood Journey from A to Z in April 2015 | #AtoZChallenge | @aNoviceMumI also continue to grow in my confidence about reading my baby – one of the best things I learnt and embraced since becoming a mum. I noticed that Precious Sparkle didn’t freak out like I did when he gagged; he is actually pretty good at sorting it out. And so my confidence about offering those potentially choking inducing food items grew; he has to learn to eat them sometime, right.

So I experimented as I felt comfortable, with the way I gave him grapes. I offered it to him with skin on, and then in halves. Then one day, I thought I’d give him a small whole grape and see what happens … nothing happened that was unexpected; he put it in his mouth, processed it, and swallowed it. I then dared to give him bigger whole grapes when Tesco didn’t have smaller ones; guess what … all went well. And so it became the norm for us to give Precious Sparkle whole grapes inspite of their size; and sometimes a surprise to others on the parenting road.

G is for Grapes in Baby Led Weaning | Collage |Adventures of a Novice Mum | Considering my Motherhood Journey from A to Z in April 2015 | #AtoZChallenge | @aNoviceMumPrecious Sparkle’s reaction to grapes has varied over time: … spitting it out … squashing it between his fingers … playing with it … throwing it on the floor … refusing to pick it up or accept it … eating it. To my surprise, the way he eats it has also changed with time; he doesn’t always just put it in his mouth at once anymore. He now often manoeuvres it with his fingers so that he can gradually take bites out of it and enjoy it in small chunks. I find this so intriguing. Thankfully, he still only has one at a time.

There you have it, one of my motherhood Gs; grapes in baby led weaning with my very Precious Sparkle.


Do you like grapes?
What was your attitude to grapes when you were weaning your child?

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