How To Give Klout In 3 Clicks

I remember seeing tweets about someone giving another person Klout in the earlier months of my blogging journey. I was curious but unsure about whether I really needed to know what it was and why it was being given by one person to another.

I now know what Klout is, what Klout does, why Klout is important, and how and why to give Klout.

After multiple conversations on Twitter about the ‘mystery’ of Klout, I have decided to write some posts about it as part of my new Social Media Tips / Blogology Series.

I am starting with the enquiry about how to give Klout, the tweet’stion* I’ve encountered the most this week.

1. Click to Search for your Kloutee*

The quickest way to find who you want to give Klout to is to input their Twitter handle [with or without the @] into the search bar at the top of your Klout profile.

The search function is smart, so it suggests and narrows potential Kloutees as you type in your chosen handle.

You can search by person, blog, or brand names. However, I’ve found that some people’s twitter handles are different from what you know them by, and as such the search result can be quite hit and miss. Also, I know someone who has 3 different Klout accounts with very different scores.

So, I have concluded that searching by twitter handle is the best and quickest way to find your Kloutee.

2. Click Klout profile to choose Topic

Click the desired Klout profile to see your Kloutee’s Klout topics above their Klout-decided best social media moments, and move your mouse to the topic you want to give them Klout for. If you don’t find the topic you want, choose the one closest to it.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE TOPIC except you want to be taken to a page with links to articles about it.

It makes no difference if your chosen topic is one that Klout considers your Kloutee to be an expert in or not. I will be writing about Klout topics soon.ย 

3. Click +K to give Klout

Move your mouse to the +K orange button on the window that appears when your mouse is pointing to a topic, and click it to give Klout.

How to give Klout in 3 Clicks with points to note | | @aNoviceMum

Other Points To Note

  • Where to give Klout

You must be logged into Klout to give Klout; I log in with my Twitter account.

  • Who can be Klouted*

You can give Klout to anyone or thing with a Twitter handle, except you can’t find them on Klout because they’ve:

never logged into Klout to claim their Klout account.

requested to opt out of Klout.

  • Klout Limits

You can give 10 Klouts in one day, and Klout lets you know how many you have left to give per day, after you give each one.

Klout remaining | | @aNoviceMum

You don’t have to use up your daily Klout allowance or give Klout everyday.

You can give Klout to someone for more than one topic on the same day but not for the same topic on the same day.

When you can't Klout | | @aNoviceMum

  • Sharing your Klouting*

You can share that you have given Klout on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on their respective icons next to the +K button; I’ve only ever shared it on Twitter.

The icons appear on the non-expert topics after you’ve clicked on the +K button.

You can edit the tweet / add a message to the Facebook share before sharing that you’ve given Klout.

I edit my Klout tweets to share some #bloglove by including a link or/and quote from the blog post I’m giving Klout for, or/and a comment to congratulate my Kloutee and encourage others to read the linked post.

Sharing and Editing Klout | | @aNoviceMum

You can see more examples of my edited Klout tweets here.

Social Media Series:

Why and How to respond to +K

How to display your Klout score on your website or blog

more to follow

* My made up words. ๐Ÿ™‚ | Tweet’stion = tweeted question | Kloutee = who you’re giving Klout |

Easy peasy, isn’t it! Do you have any other social media / blogging question I might be able to help you with?

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    • Klout contributes to the Tots100 score, but it’s part of a whole range of measures so I’m not sure about the extent of its contribution. It’s definitely worth paying attention to and I’ll be writing some posts about its value in the coming weeks. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Thank you for sharing this post on the SITS girls link up!
    I’ve been using Klout for a few years now (before it became a big deal lol)
    And I’d give K+1’s to people all the time. I thought they got rid of that feature! This is exciting, looks like I’m going to be Klouting people again! Hehe.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    -Heather Lynn

  2. I remember seeing I gave +k all over my Twitter feed and wondering what it was all about. I then had a conversation with another blogger who enlightened me so I went to have a nosey. I love Klout! It’s one of those sites that’s easy to use, not very time consuming and kind of pointless but addictive at the same time! #blogstorm
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