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One of my dreams for Precious Sparkle was to get him swimming, days after he was born. However, as new-mum-haze descended on me, days very quickly turned to weeks … then months … and a year and more; and still no swimming lessons.

I remember hesitating due to vaccination concerns but the NHS states that babies can swim in public pools whatever their age or vaccination status. I also got myself tied up in knots about the swimming gear he needed.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® campaign to encourage mums to take their little ones swimming. After dilly-dallying for about 16 months, I finally had enough motivation to inject another fun and bonding activity into our weeks.

I was pleased to receive a pack of size 3 – 4 HUGGIES® swim pants in the post last month.

We’re now in the third week of our HUGGIES Little Swimmers review, and I can’t wait for our next lesson. It might sound silly, but these swim nappies have helped to ease my hesitation about taking Precious Sparkle swimming.

Below are the top 5 things I really like about HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® disposable swim pants:

Review / Top 5 | Huggies Little Swimmers Review |@aNoviceMum | Adventures of a Novice Mum Blog

1. Fun and Attractive Design

Each swim nappy has bright and engaging Disney™ underwater graphics and a character on it. I appreciate the colourful design of the nappies. It is appealing to the eyes, and definitely a potential toddler teaching tool. Showing Precious Sparkle the nappy as part of our swim time trigger is helpful for our routine. It’s also another opportunity to reinforce and develop Precious Sparkle’s identification of animals and things like, ‘fish’, ‘tortoise’, ‘bubbles’, ‘water’ etc. It sure adds to the fun of getting ready to go swimming.

2. Tear Away Sides

I like the velcro strip on the side panels; they enable you to put them on like a normal nappy when they’re opened, or to pull it up like a pants when they’re closed. At the moment, I find it easier to open the strip when I put them on Precious Sparkle. Perhaps in the future after potty training, I’ll pull them up like pants.

Unlike a normal nappy, there is no fiddling around to look for the closing and opening tabs when you need to take them off. I just peel back the top panels from the bottom ones. This is very handy with Precious Sparkle; he isn’t always happy to lie down for his nappy to be removed, you see. Faffing around trying to keep him on the change table to remove his nappy is not something I want to be doing in a public changing room.

Furthermore, the tear away design of the panels makes it very easy to adjust the fit of the nappy. I just change the position of the top panels on the velcro strip of the bottom panels as needed.

I was initially concerned about the strength of the velcro to keep the nappy on during swimming lessons. However, our time in the pool has assured me that they are strong enough; the nappy stays on in water until it’s removed.

3. Good Absorbency

All users of normal nappies know how they swell as they soak in liquid; thankfully, this doesn’t happen with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®. So, though it gets wet as you would expect from exposure to such large amounts of water, it doesn’t expand like normal nappies.

I am very pleased about this; I wouldn’t want Precious Sparkle to wear anything that weighs him down in water.

4. Stretchy in the Right Places

I like the stretchy waist band that helps to give the swim nappy a snug and comfortable feel.

I like the stretchy tear away side panels; they keep the nappy on whilst giving room to move during swimming.

I like the stretchy inside layer around the thighs; good guards against undesirable leaks. Precious Sparkle has not needed the leak guards yet, but it’s helpful to know they’re there … just in case.

5. Affordable

At the moment, we only take Precious Sparkle swimming when he has swimming lessons, and that happens once a week. There are 12 nappies in the pack we are using; so, he needs at least 4 packs a year. Each pack costs around a £5 / £6 depending on where you buy it from. However, they are currently on sale in many stores; the cheapest being £2.60 at Tesco, and at Ocado on a buy 1 get the cheapest free deal. So, the current minimum yearly cost of Precious Sparkle’s swim nappies is £10.40. Now, that’s a bargain … don’t you think!

 HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® come in 3 sizes:

  • Size 2 – 3 (3-7 kg / 7-15 lbs)
  • Size 3 – 4 (7-15 kg / 15-34 lbs)
  • Size 5 – 6 (12-18 kg / 26-40 lbs)

Review / Top 5 (Sizes Images) | Huggies Little Swimmers Review |@aNoviceMum | Adventures of a Novice Mum Blog

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to buy any other swimming specific gear for your toddler apart from swim pants, especially in a closed public swimming pool like the one we use.


As is the tradition on my blog, I like to source related giveaways for my readers when I receive products to review. HUGGIES® is kindly offering one of my readers a year’s supply of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®. See the giveaway post (to be published shortly) to find out more.

If your little ones swim, what do you like about their swim nappy? | What’s your must-have swimming gear?

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101 thoughts on “Top 5 | Huggies Little Swimmers Review

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  2. Love your top 5 comments. I’ve always seen the sides as a bad point, thinking they don’t stick properly. But now I can see adjustable = a plus. Will definitely be taking advantage of that.

    • Shame about your experience with the sides; they’ve stuck properly for us so far and I really appreciate that they are adjustable. Please take advantage of it; it makes a difference to getting read for swimming lessons, for us. 🙂

  3. I prefer the nappy like style swim nappies. The ones you get from Aldi are like pull-ups and i find these very hard to get onto my 10 month old.

  4. I really need to try these, been toying with the idea of reusable ones but think I will give these a go instead xx

  5. My daughter (2) love going swimming and we use these huggies as I find they are the easiest to use… I did however find her dad trying to put a little swimmers on her this morning rather than a regular nappy!

  6. We love the Huggies swim nappies! My baby has been swimming since eight weeks old and so far we have not had any accidents in the pool!!

  7. We love huggies LS nappies! I especially love the Velcro side fastenings so they can be adjusted and easily put on & removed xx

  8. Swimming classes are so important and they are also a great place to meet other mums.

  9. Love the fact that you can open them up as this is very useful when wanting to remove them from a wet child. So much easier than trying to pull the down causing distress to a little one. They are very stylish and practical as well. I would rare them 5/5

  10. We are expecting our first child this winter and I can not wait to take him swimming next summer! We will definitely be using Huggies Little Swimmers. Thanks for the great review!

  11. We use little swimmers and have found them to be very reliable, fit well and easy to get on and off. Its always a worry isnt it taking little ones swimming in case they ‘do something’ in the water, but i feel confident that little swimmers will contain any accidents.

  12. Grandson has tried the 3-4 and his mum says they are easy to use and little man likes the design

  13. I find the changing after the swim the most stressful – I never know who to change first!

    • I didn’t know it would be as much fun as I found it to be, with my little man. I’m so glad I got involved with the review; it was the last motivation I needed to get on with it. And boy, I’m I glad I did? O yes, I am!

  14. I was always a bit dubious about swimming nappies but they do really work! We’ve used the same make as these, they really do work.

    • It worked for me. You know, I didn’t even think about breastfeeding and swimming when I went in the water with my son. I learnt from the first time I went in that I need a swim suit with a padded top.

      Do you know what? I’ll ask Medela’s lactation consultant for you on their Tuesday Facebook breastfeeding cafe.

  15. Thanks for the review. Definitely going to try these when I take my son swimming for the first time. Having just started looking into swim nappies I was worried they would be like pull ups but glad they have sides so you can use like normal nappies too.

  16. These are must buy. Perfect not to be worrying about accidents in the pool. I haven’t taken my baby swimming yet but I am going to get her a float so she can feel confident floating around on her own

    • The last thing a parent wants to be doing in the pool is worrying about ‘accidents’. So much fun to be had! We haven’t used floats yet. You’ll have so much fun when you take your baby swimming; I wish I started earlier with mine. 🙂

  17. We’ve used these before as well as other brands and I must say we were definitely more confident with these ones as we’ve had accidents with other brands (eek!) not these though x
    Gail Reid recently posted…StickyMy Profile

  18. I find the nappies to be quite small for my little one so have had to move up a size. I love the design on the nappies and so does my son. I would recommend these swim nappies as they are the most reliable.

  19. Swimming was on my to do list as well for my daughter but apart from the paddling pool and the sea she has yet to go in a proper pool at age 2, so my aim is to go at lest once a month with her.

  20. I’m a huge fan – we use a cover up swim nappy on top of the disopable in case of accidents and a swimsuit on top of that ! great families times for us

  21. My daughter absolutely loves the water and swimming! I always worry about which nappies to use and having read your review, feel these would be the best bet!

  22. I do like the designs on the Huggies nappies – they’re very cute. My must have is a cute swimming costume for my little one – I’m a sucker for swimsuits with frills, haha!

  23. i use huggies at moment but hoping when my daughter is a year old to st wearing a reusable one

  24. Ive used these for a while, i love them. Probably the best on the market, ive tried other brands that were cheaper, but its definaly worth paying that little bit more for the quality of these ones

  25. I think the Huggies little swimmers are great! I used them for my daughter and can’t wait to take my new baby swimming in them when he arrives!

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