I Love you Precious Sparkle, More Than You Know

Love Notes to My Son 1

Seeing the #NATIONALILOVEYOUDAY trending on Twitter has reminded me again of my almost 2 years old desire to write my Precious Sparkle love notes, and record more of our super special no-photograph little moments. It’s like I keep waiting for the perfect time to start writing, though I know there is no time like the present.

So here we go, after so many months of thinking, writing in my head, and feeling in my heart … here is my first love note to my little man.

I wrote this poem about you many, many months ago, in the thick of my flimsy attempt at sleep training, and slow embrace of your preference for breastfeeding to sleep during the night.

Love Notes to My Son

I love you …
More than my heart can contain

Tighter than my hands can hold
Warmer than my embrace can feel
Stronger than my milk can nourish
Longer than my breath can breathe
Deeper than my lungs can inhale
Higher than my chest can rise
Wider than my strides can stretch
Taller than my head can reach
Bigger than my body can grow

I love you …
More than I can myself

You were crying your eyes out, and I kept putting you back to lie down in your cotbed whenever you stood up. I can’t remember much of the moment, but I think I might have reluctantly fed you back to sleep in the end. The frustration¬† in your tears and distress in your voice … the heart wrenching way I felt every time I walked a way for seconds or minutes that seemed like eternity … was part of what challenged me to accept that feeding through the night was part of OUR journey and that it’s alright for this to be the case for US.

I will always love you Precious Sparkle

So much more than my words can say
So much more than my fingers can type
So much more than the ink conveys
So much more than the screen contains

I will always love you my growing little man …

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