Top 5: JD Harris Kegel Weights Review

I remember listening with shock, as the midwife told me about the potential consequences of not doing my postnatal pelvic floor exercises. I definitely wasn’t pleased when she told me that I had to do it for the rest of my life.

I wish I could say that I’ve done it every day since then.

So when I came across the opportunity to review the JD Harris Kegel Weights, I went for it. I hoped that perhaps it might help me to heed the midwife’s warning. I definitely don’t want to look back in years to come wishing I’d done more; whilst knowing I didn’t do enough in this area.

JD Harris posted the product to me without charge to check out, and I have been testing the weights for over a month now.

here are the top 5 things I really like about it.

1. Health Benefits

This is the most important aspect of the weights to me; it’s what attracted me to reviewing it in the first place. I don’t want pregnancy moments where you wish the loo was nearer, when I’m not pregnant. I definitely want my pelvic floor to stay as firm as possible as I grow older.

So even though I don’t suffer from incontinence, I know that giving birth weakens these muscles and I’ve decided to woman up and work on keeping it firm.

2. Shape

I like the shape and sizes of the JD Harris Kegel Weights; these made the exercise process that much more comfortable for me. I also like the fact that the 6 weights are incremental, and they stay the same shape.

The JD Harris Kegel Weights have more weights than similar products on the market, and their top weight of 95g is the highest available.

JD Harris Kegel Review3. Easy to use

I was a bit uncertain about how it would work; I didn’t know before that there were special tools to help with pelvic floor exercises you see.

The JD Harris Kegel Weights comes with a little but really clear instructions leaflet.

You gently insert each weight, starting with the smallest (20g), for 2 mins each. Your ‘starter weight’ is the one you can not hold for the full 2 mins. The aim is to be able to hold your ‘starter’ weight consistently for 15 mins before moving up to the next weight; on and on until you get to the 6th weight.

I noticed that the more I practice, the longer I can hold my starter weight in place. I think it also helps to be consistent with using it, in order to feel the benefits sooner than later. I’ve missed a few days here and there but it doesn’t take long to pick up from where you stopped.

You can use the weights whenever you want to. I find that the best time for me is when I brush and shower. This helps me not to fixate on the time. Yes, you can use the weights whilst standing or walking around.

4. Exercise reminder

The weights motivate me to do my pelvic floor exercises; they act like a kind of anchor for this important task. They are fab reminders of what I want to achieve with the strengthening of my pelvic floor.

5. Progress measurement

I also like the fact that you can in a way measure your progress, based on your ability to increasingly hold each weight longer, and of course to move up weights.

It’s helpful to know that the weights are solely designed to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. So unlike the hit and miss squeezes that I increasingly only occasionally did, I know I’m much more on target this time. I find it hard to focus on my pelvic floor muscles with just crunching and I often find myself working on my abdominal muscles instead.

The JD Harris Kegel Weights makes me feel that I’m doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly; no more guess work about which muscles I’m working on!

I wish there was a separate breathable storage pouch for the weight I’m currently using, I prefer not to store in its case with the other weights. Even then, this is a product I’m glad I have and one I see myself using long-term.

I also still do my pelvic floor exercise the tradional way, whenever I remember. However, I’m less stressed about forgetting to do it or checking to see if I’m doing it right. I know I’m definitely working on it with my JD Harris Kegel Weights.

The JD Harris Kegel Weights costs £29.99; they are currently on sale for £10 cheaper on the JD Harris online shop. They even have a “no-quibble 90 day money back guarantee” on it. JD Harris is also on Facebook, drop by to say hello from Adventures of a Novice Mum.


You can win a JD Harris Kegel Weights from my blog, courtesy of the lovely people at JD Harris.

How do you ensure you do your pelvic floor exercises?

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19 thoughts on “Top 5: JD Harris Kegel Weights Review

  1. I am terrible for not doing my pelvic floor exercises, ,I do them when I remember, which isn’t very often, I have tried all the ways my midwife and health visitor told me to remember, at the bus stop/train station, cooking tea, making a brew but something always comes along to make me forget!

  2. never heard of these pelvic weights so after reading your review i’m curious to try xx i would love to win xx thanks for the chance xx

  3. How do I ensure I do my pelvic floor exercises…? Quite frankly, I don’t! Hahaha. After having one child and now being pregnant with the second, I’m aware I should be doing it but I kind of remember every few months-ish, squeeze once or twice and then forget! I NEED something like this in my life!

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  5. This would motivate me to use and practice my pelvic floor muscles as I always forget to do exercises and after having 3 children they are certainly weaker

  6. I think having the weights would serve as a good reminder to actually do my pelvic floor exercises! Life gets so busy with the kids and work it can be easy to forget, or remember when you are just about to settle in for the night. I love the idea of the gradual weight increments, and they are visually appealing too. I’m finding that after baby number two it’s taking me a lot longer to get to where I want to be, need encouragement! Weights would be useful for this. They are also a good reminder that exercising your pelvic floor should be an ongoing thing.

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