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I stumbled on this project on one of my Facebook blogging group’s feed, thanks to Laura at LittleStuff. I was pleased to read that Kiddicare are donating toys to support the Kids Company’s  Colour A Child’s Life project for every blog post that shares the project’s information video.

As a parent, this project really resonates with me. I can’t even begin to imagine how soul-destroying it must be to not be able to provide “an appropriate standard of care” for my child, for whatever reason.

Knowing that there are so many children out there “living in conditions of extreme deprivation, in environments which are dirty, unsanitary and often lacking in the most basic necessities such as clean bedding, cups, plates and simple furniture” is so terribly sad. 🙁

It’s brilliant that organisations like Kids Company care so much to go where many won’t dare, in their support of disadvantaged children and their families.

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What it is:

The Colour A Child’s Life Project is a really practical way to support underprivileged children and their families; by helping them to create a nicer living environment.

This really moving video brought tears to my heart, and the ending, delight to my soul. Seeing one mother and her child’s life improved in one day is so lovely; it makes you wonder how many more could do with such a helping hand.

We all need help in our lives at some point and reaching out to support others is such a fantastic opportunity.

Kids Company’s Colour a Child’s Life Project helps deprived children and their families to make a home; “a place where they can feel comfortable and safe.”

How it works

  • Kids Company keyworking staff at their centres, refer children and their families to the ‘Colour A Child’s Life’ team.
  • The ‘Colour A Child’s Life’ team  then visits respective accommodations to assess needed improvements.
  • The team plan needed repair and refurbishment work; and specialist staff renovate rooms accordingly, with volunteers like us.
  • Kids Company staff stay in touch with the family and monitor their child(ren)’s progress, to ensure that they receive the support they need to maintain a healthy living standard.

How to get involved

  • Bloggers can write posts to support the project and share the Colour A Child’s Life information video.
  • Companies can donate money, equipment and staff time to support the project.
  • You can encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get involved in volunteering for the project.
  • You can donate your time to volunteer for the project.
  • You can donate relevant items to help with the renovation of rooms.
  • You can donate money to support the project.

Find out more

Visit the Kids Company’s website to find out more about their Colour A Child’s Life project.

How will you get involved with Kids Company’s Colour A Child’s Life project?

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  1. It’s sad when you see deprived kids which is also very common even in my home country in Philippines. Seeing all this stuff everywhere now is very upsetting as I can already feel more for them being a mum. Thanks for sharing!

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