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Blog Linkies are fantastic in many ways, aren’t they. There are so many things I like about them, and others that I don’t. When I started blogging at the end of last year, joining in with linkies helped me to start finding my feet. It was fab to see and get a feel for the parent corner of the blogosphere and share my blogs in this way.

Now, blog linkies usually come with rules – some short, some long – and badges. Linky badges, like other blog badges, are fab for many reasons. I like displaying the badges of linkies I participate in and I like mine to be displayed too. It’s another way to share your post and give some linky love.

The more people know about the link party you’re part of, the more folks check it out, the more opportunity for your post to be seen and perhaps read. It’s win win for everyone – the linky host, the linker, and non-linking readers.

However, for all the fun and traffic potential of participating in linkies, it must said that it can be very time-consuming. Unfortunately, the more I blog and live, the less time I seem to have to blog. So, time-saving measures are always appealing to me.

List of Blog Linkies I join

I don’t have as much time to join in with linkies anymore, but I still want to participate whenever I can, and it’s important to me to follow linky rules. Even then, as a linker, I’ve sometimes forgotten to add badges to my linked post whenever I don’t have time to add it before linking. It also doesn’t help that I like arranging my linky badges in a particular way; unfortunately, this tends to take way more time than it should.

As a linky host, I also know how time-consuming it can be to host a linky, and expecting linkers to link in line with one’s rules is not too much too ask. As a relatively new host, I know how disappointing it can be to visit linked posts without linky badges.

So, to ensure that I continue showing some linky love to fellow bloggers, as well as save time, and for other reasons I’ll be writing about soon, I’ve decided to act outside the box.

I will no longer add linky badges directly to linked posts, though I’ll still indicate where I’m linking to. I’m instead creating this working list of blog linkies I join, to help me manage blogging that little bit better.

This means that I get to share the linkies I participate in, occasionally or regularly, 100% more! Whenever someone sees my linked posts, they will see the linky it’s linked to, and when someone sees this post, they will see the different linkies I’ve joined in with at one point or the other. Furthermore, I get to save some time along way, and avoid other issues that I’ll be discussing in another post.

Sunday Blog Linky badges

OneDad3GirlsMami 2 Five

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Monday Blog Linky badges

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Tueday Blog Linky badges

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Wednesday Blog Linky badges

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Thursday Blog Linky badges

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Friday Blog Linky badges

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Adventures of a Novice MumThe ListPost Comment Love

Saturday Blog Linky badges

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How do you manage your blog linky badges?

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