Living Arrow ’15 28/52

My Precious Sparkle
Usually on the move
Rarely sitting still
Waiting for life to happen
Sees opportunities to learn, play and growBefore I do, many a time
You focus, you make links, you go for it
You astound me … rock my world … and keep me on my toes

Here is one of my many captures of you this week; albeit from a fewer selection than usual.

Living Arrows | #LivingArrows 28/52 | Precious Sparkle playing at Vineyard's garden on Thu 9 July | | @aNoviceMumThis one is from Thursday 9 July.

Life has been challenging but my heart fills with gratitude every time I think about you.

I was so pleased to finally go out with you this week, it was one of our toddler group’s end of term party. To my disappointment, I didn’t manage to get out of the house early enough and we were late. Nonetheless, you jumped right in and got on with enjoying yourself.

We later met up with one of our friends and we ended up in another lovely garden.

You have so much energy!

Never mind my quiet reservation, you went for the slide despite the little dirty-ish water puddle at the end of it. What a lesson in not holding on too tightly to you. I want you to be all that God has made you to be, and in every way.

Living Arrows | #LivingArrows 25/52 | Blog Graphic | | @aNoviceMum

I don’t want to restrict you from exploring and discovering life and living, if it’s safe enough.

You fell a few times but you always get up and keep going. How you do it, I frankly don’t know. 🙂

‘Ball’, ‘ball’, ‘ball’, you called out to me, pointing in a particular direction. Before I could stop you from picking it up, you had grabbed it and you were throwing it as you tend to do. The size was insignificant to you, as it always is. That jeans must have been a bit uncomfortable to crouch in, but it didn’t stop you. You were oblivious to the fact that the ball was outside on the dirty grass with no owner in sight, unlike me.

You saw a ‘ball’ and it’s fun potential. You practiced your ability to pick up objects, hold them, and throw. It was such a pleasure watching you having so much fun.

I’m so glad you went for it, and that you didn’t pause like I would have. There is so much more of life to be enjoyed when we don’t limit ourselves.

Always remember that, all things being equal, THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP YOU IS YOU!

Mydearly beloved Precious Sparkle, these are clips from the days of our lives; how so blessed we are to have each other – you, your dad, and I – and all the Lord has put in our lives.

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Living Arrows
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