Top 5: Mam Bite and Play Teether Review

Precious Sparkle has enjoyed the MAM Bite and Play teether that the lovely folks at MAM Baby UK kindly sent to us, over a month ago.

You see, more of his teeth are coming out and this makes chewing and biting a favourite pastime! So, you can imagine his delight at having another toy to explore, albeit, one that will help his teething.

I must say that he doesn’t seem to exhibit most of the typical teething symptoms, but I know that some moments are worse than others on his teething journey.

Our MAM Bite and Play teether has definitely been put through its paces, and Precious Sparkle has had such fun with this versatile teether.

MAM Bite and Play Teether CollageBelow are 5 things we really like about it.

1. Its different parts and textures

The MAM Bite and Play teether has different surface structures,with different colours, shapes, and feel. This makes it an exciting item for babies and toddlers.

It’s attractive but soothing colours no doubt makes it interesting to look at, and its varied shape and feel makes it fun to hold, play with, and chew on.

MAM Bite and Play Teether Restaurant Collage

MAM Bite & Play Teether has Precious Sparkle’s full attention whilst we talked and ate at a restaurant.

Precious Sparkle definitely finds it interesting and he enjoys interacting with the varied aspects of it, with his hands and mouth; at home and when we are out and about.

2. Its curved shape

MAM Bite and Play Teether cThe curved shape of the MAM Bite and Play teether means that its middle is raised, and this makes it easy for Precious Sparkle to pick up.

He can grab it quickly and hold it for longer, unlike some of the other teethers we have.

The raised middle also puts the different surfaces within easy reach of his hands and mouth; key elements in the way he currently explores the world around him.

3. Its water filled part

This is helpful for cooling the gums at those difficult points on the teething journey. Its ridges and softness makes it fun to bite and chew on. The texture is just pliable enough; I really like the fact that it doesn’t feel as hard as the other water-filled teether we have.

Precious Sparkle enjoys putting it in his mouth. The design of the MAM Bite and Play teether makes it possible for him to keep his hands busy whilst chewing on some of its biting ridges.

MAM Bite and PlayTeether in MouthThe shape of the water-filled part also makes it easy to manoeuver in the mouth and they can reach the back of the gums if needed.

4. Its rolling ball rattle

This is a 2 in 1 play item attached to one of the parts of the Mam Bite and Play teether; it doubles up as a spinning ball and rattle.

Precious Sparkle easily figured out that rolling his finger(s) over it will cause it to spin, whilst at the same time shaking the rattle.

He also sometimes shakes the teether to hear its rattle. It’s intriguing watching him grow in his ability to increasingly move his finger(s) over the ball, faster and faster.

MAM Bite and Play Teether mouth5. Its cool and functional design

The MAM Bite and Play teether is very practical; it’s really a 4 in 1 teether, definitely like none that we have, with its:

  • curved water-filled teether with biting ridges,
  • circular textured teether with biting ridges,
  • spinning ball,
  • and rattle.

Its raised middle is lightweight and just the right size for our Precious Sparkle, and really, any baby or toddler.

MAM Bite and PlayTeether on FaceIts colour and parts makes it an attractive teether / toy, which taps into a child’s curiosity and imagination.

In addition to this, it is very easy to keep clean – a very important characteristic for many parents, definitely for me. Whilst I appreciate that Precious Sparkle needs contact with germs to support the development of his immune system, I don’t want him handling items that I can’t wash or give a good wipe down. 🙂

To keep the MAM Bite and Play teether from falling down whilst we are out and about, I used a teether clip that I bought ages ago to clip it to the car seat strap or Precious Sparkle’s clothing.

MAM Bite and Play Teether Carseat CollageThe MAM Bite and Play teether is one of the few baby products I wish I’d bought months ago; you can buy it for £3.25 on the MAM online shop, 50% off its retail price! The teether clips are all under £5 and they are also on sale on MAM’s online shop.

Do you use teethers? Which ones would you recommend and why? Which other MAM products would you prefer not to be without?

Disclosure: The MAM Bite and Play Teether was sent to us, upon request, for an honest review.

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    • It’s a really fab teether and I fully recommend it. My little one is still rocking it at 15m+. It’s now one of our ‘count-on-toys’, especially for use in the car seat when we’re travelling, and in the buggy when we’re out and about. 🙂

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