The True Company Mirai Toothbrush | Review and Giveaway (£195)

Mirai Toothbrush | Introduction

Keeping my teeth healthy has been one of my body-care battles for as long as I can remember, despite knowing how vital this is for my dental hygiene. So, when I came across the opportunity to review The True Company’s Mirai toothbrush, I had to check it out. It’s an electric toothbrush like no other I’ve come across so far.

Mirai Toothbrush | First Impressions

I was / am impressed with its sleek packaging … it oozes luxury. The toothbrush is not too big or too small, and it feels nice to hold. You see, it’s made of silicone and doesn’t have the hard plastic feel of other toothbrushes.

The True Company's Mirai electric toothbrush in its box

The True Company posted this to me from America, free of charge for this review; 
as usual, my opinion of the toothbrush honestly reflects my experience.

Mirai Toothbrush | Key Features

  • Gentle gum massage function
  • Elegant and functional design
  • Silicone bristles don’t retain bacteria
  • Once yearly toothbrush head replacement ($7.99 from The True Company’s customer service)
  • Built in 30 seconds pauses whilst brushing
  • All-in-one self-sanitising electric toothbrush
  • Non-porous silicone prevents bacteria build up

Mirai Toothbrush | My Experience

In the box

I opened the top quality looking and feeling box, to find the toothbrush in a transparent-ish good quality plastic sleeve, placed in a foam-like mould. Underneath this were the instruction manual, warranty card, and USB charger lead. I was pleased it didn’t have a USB plug; I’ve got enough of this around the house.

There is an authenticity card attached to the front of the box, with a serial and model number, as well as a statement to confirm the quality of the product … all very reassuring about its value.

Mirai toothbrush unboxing


As per the instruction manual, I charged it for some hours before my first use. The indicator light at the end of the brush blinks consecutively for a period of time when it needs charging. It also emits a prolonged glow when it is fully charged.

I sometimes used the unit for days after the recharge blinks stopped, without any problems.

The indicator light also comes on briefly when you press the vibration button, on and off.

The True Company's toothbrush, front and back views


The bristles are not as thin as that of your typical manual and electric brushes, and their top are not pin pointed but rectangular; making them gentler on the teeth and gum.

The Mirai toothbrush, brush head

As stated in the manual, I used it like my manual toothbrush, albeit with the vibration function. My teeth feels clean after each brushing session, and I think it’s more effective than my manual toothbrush.

I really like the fact that the vibrations pause for about a second, after every 30 seconds of brushing; making it easier to know how long you spend on each part of your teeth, and how long you brush for.

Mirai Toothbrush | Top 5 Likes

  1. Chic and functional design
  2. Adjustable vibration … for your desired intensity
  3. Inbuilt rechargeable batteries and easy to charge
  4. Gentle bristles … vital for sensitive gums like mine
  5. Lightweight: not bulky like your typical electric brush … fab for travelling

Mirai Toothbrush | Product Cost

  • £195

Mirai Toothbrush | Overall

I’m pleased with The Tru Company’s Mirai electric toothbrush. It’s lovely to have a toothbrush whose brush head only needs to be changed once a year – better for my pocket and better for the environment. Its 2 years limited warranty is reassuring, especially considering its cost. The instruction manual is straight forward and easy to understand, though I wish the print was bigger to make it easier to read.

Least I forget, yah to the fact that toothpaste doesn’t stick to the bottom of the Mirai!

Nonetheless, I must confess that I wish it was cheaper; it’s the most expensive toothbrush I’ll probably ever own. I also wish the recharge reminder light didn’t blink so much.  Even then, I can’t deny that it does a good job and I’m pleased to have it.

You can buy it online from the The True Company’s website in the UK.

Mirai Toothbrush | Giveaway

Thanks to the The True Company, one of you can win your very own Mirai toothbrush!

All you need to do is to accurately complete the following entry options on the widget below; terms and conditions apply.

Hope you found my review helpful; all the best with all your entries.

What do you like about electric toothbrushes?

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435 thoughts on “The True Company Mirai Toothbrush | Review and Giveaway (£195)

  1. I find electric toothbrushes clean my teeth better and because of the timer they make sure I clean for long enough. I find cleaning my teeth a bore and a chore so anything that makes it easier gets my thumbs up.

    Really cute photo of your family hands

    • Thanks for the compliment about our hands, Anna; how lovely of you. 🙂 Electric toothbrushes do a better job of helping to keep our clean teeth, don’t they. I really like the timer function too; brushing is not something I find exciting, but the Mirai has definitely increased my motivation to brush better. 🙂

  2. I like electric toothbrushes because I don`t get bored too easily and with a timer I don`t have to guess how long I have been brushing, the timer actually makes me clean my teeth for longer

  3. I like the fact that they do a much more thorough job than a manual and make your teeth feel really clean.

  4. I think you get a better (“deeper”) clean with an electric toothbrush. From what I’ve read, people tend to get fewer problems when they visit the dentist when they use these, which must tell you something …

  5. I like that with the very limited time I have I get a cleaner result than I would if I used a manual brush

  6. I like that they can help keep your mouth healthier without adding any extra effort. They’re like a helping hand! You’re right though they can get so expensive! Some of them even have Bluetooth now believe it or not.

    • Incredible how technology continues to develop, isn’t it. I’m definitely enjoying my Mirai toothbrush and I hope it’ll be more affordable as the demand for it increases. 🙂

  7. I don’t own an electric toothbrush but I have heard they do a more thorough job of cleaning your teeth than a manual tootbrush.

  8. They time that I’ve brushed for 2 minutes, otherwise I’d have stopped a minute earlier

      • Thanks hun – I have no idea what was going on yesterday, when I clicked the link it literally brought me to the comments box and I completely missed the question in red!

        I like electric toothbrushes as my teeth always feel much cleaner – mine times for 2 minutes (but I brush for 6) which is fantastic for those who always rush like my husband and kids.

        • So pleased you got my reply and found the question. 🙂 The time function is definitely helpful … lovely when you go over the 2/3mins recommendation too. 🙂

  9. I like that their gentle and do the job, sometimes i brush to hard with a regular toothbrush

  10. I’m not really sure what I actually like, I suppose I’m just used to them haven’t used a manual one for years

  11. I love the power that they provide for deep cleaning – a find that your teeth get more attention with an electric toothbrush.

  12. I like the fact that they will brush for the desired time so you know you have brushed enough, plus you can’t beat electric brushing, it cleans your teeth a lot better than manual brushing

    • Yeah, I really like the knowing you’ve brushed enough too – the time is a fab feature of this brush; and you don’t have to switch anything on and off to make it work. 🙂

  13. I love the fact the brush will give my teeth an even clean unlike now when I keep getting told off by my dentist for forgetting my right side being right handed!

  14. I think my teeth feel cleaner when I use an electric toothbrush. It seems to get into all the little gaps better than a manual one.

  15. I feel my teeth and mouth are cleaner using an electric toothbrush. I don’t feel I have fully mastered the technique for using one properly yet.

  16. I prefer the really clean feeling that you get compared to a manual toothbrush, plus they are timed whereas you can be lazy with a manual.

  17. I love that you only have to change the head once a year, but i agree its very expensive, but i think it sounds like it cleans really well

  18. when I had a manual toothbrush my teeth were not in a good condition and where not being cleaned properly but since using a Electric toothbrush my teeth are much better so they must do a better job

  19. I feel that electrical toothbrushes clean your teeth more thoroughly than using a manual brush. hey are much more effective and accurate.

  20. I like electric as they stop me from brushing too hard, with manual brushes I scrub too hard and have injured my gums in the past, with electric the brush does the work so the pressure is a lot less

  21. I find electric brushes just so much easier and better to use than a manual brush

  22. they are much more effective at cleaning and for kids that means peace of mind!

    • They are more effective Joanna; but just to say that this is an adult toothbrush. There are of course electric toothbrushes for children too. All the best with your entries.

  23. My teeth never feel really clean unless I use an electric toothbrush. I would never go back to an ordinary toothbrush.

  24. So many things…my teeth have been much better and cleaner since using one and I don’t worry so much about whether I’ve done it well enough. Also mine has a timer on which is a handy function. Unfortunately my husbands has stopped charging now (different make and purchased long time ago) so winning a new one would be fantastic!

    • Awwww ….. how thoughtful of you. All the best with your entries. Electric toothbrushes are definitely fab, and I really like the silicone property of the Mirai.

  25. I prefer electric toothbrushes as the feeling after is so much cleaner and smoother than after using a manual toothbrush.

  26. I prefer electric (although I only own a manual) as I think they do a better job – and my dentist agrees! Great giveaway. Fingers crossed!

    • Definitely a fab giveaway and one I’ll enter but I’m not allowed :-). I’m pleased I’ve got this one. All the best with your entries.

  27. I couldn’t be without my electric toothbrush, It makes brushing teeth more enjoyable! I think it is great how they have a timer and brush your teeth much better than a manual one 🙂

  28. I like the timmer function as I always worry I never spend enough time cleaning my teeth. Especially in the mornings when everything is such a rush.

  29. I like electric toothbrushes cause they clean my teeth better, my teeth not only look better but feel better!

  30. I prefer electric toothbrushes as I do feel they clean your teeth better. With a normal toothbrush I’m guilty of brushing too hard but with my electric toothbrush it lights up to let me know when I’m using excess force. The timer is a bonus to as you don’t over or under clean your teeth.
    I would love to give this new silicone brush a try.
    One question though…does it rub your teeth and make a funny noise, like trainers on an indoor court?

    • No funny noises for me … like trainers on an indoor court – ouch. No, not the Mirai; just the sound of the vibration which is so negligible because I can’t even remember it now. 🙂 All the best with your entries. 🙂

  31. You can clean your teeth more thoroughly using electric toothbrushes. I also like the built in timer.

  32. I think the thing about electric toothbrushes is that it reminds you of the dentist, as everything they use is electric, so you feel like you’re doing a more professional job. It’s probably more of an unconscious thought, but it’s just struck me lol

    • Interesting one Kellie; I haven’t quite thought about it like that. But there’s definitely that quality about it, isn’t there – doing better by your teeth and that’s a fundamental reason we go to dentists. Good one! 🙂

  33. Electric toothbrushes make my mouth feel much cleaner and I can visibly see the difference

  34. Electric toothbrushing leaves moth feeling cleaner and fresher than manual toothbrushing.

  35. What I like about electric toothbruses is that they do a more thorough job with less effort, which is really helpful with areas of the mouth that are hard to reach.

  36. My husband is always telling me your teeth will never feel cleaner than they do with an electric toothbrush yet i have stuck to the old fashioned way, maybe its about time i listened , this looks and sounds amazing , love the idea f a timer x

  37. My electric toothbrush seems to clean my teeth more thoroughly than my manual toothbrush though I do worry about it irritating my gums if I get the angle slightly wrong. I think the timer helps a lot to make sure all teeth are equally well brushed.

  38. I think that it’s easier to clean properly with an electric toothbrush & that’s why I prefer them

  39. I do like electric toothbrushes because they feel like they do a better job. They also have smaller heads so are better at reaching all those tricky places

  40. I like the feel of how clean my teeth are after using an electric toothbrush, and they do say they reach places normal ones don’t 🙂

  41. I feel electric toothbrushes do a much better job of cleaning your teeth than a manual one and I don’t brush too harshly like I do with a manual toothbrush

  42. I like electric toothbrushes because they provide better cleaning than manual ones, and my teeth feel different (smoother and cleaner) than after a manual brush. I also like the timer function to make sure I brush long enough. Many thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I find electric toothbrushes are much better than manual toothbrushes as they are have different heads ,and normally different speeds

  44. I like electric toothbrushes because my dentist recommended them to me to stop me brushing too hard. I have noticed a difference.

  45. I tend to brush too vigorously with a manual toothbrush & regularly end up spitting blood. An electric toothbrush is much kinder to my gums!

  46. This looks fab, and it’s so stylish! You can definitely feel the difference when switching from a normal toothbrush to an electric one. Although this is rather expensive It looks fab!

  47. Electric toothbrushes do a much better job than manual ones, they make your teeth feel a lot cleaner

  48. I have had a electric toothbrush & liked that it cleaned my teeth better than manual toothbrushes. Although i would love this one as it’s gentler on gums.

    Thanks for the chance xo

  49. i like the fact that even though it is less work to use an electric brush, your teeth seem cleaner and also i like the fact that you have a timer

  50. i prefer the electric toothbrush, have the oral b, would love to see how this compares!

  51. Having owned an electric toothbrush in the past i do find that although they are more expensive option to a conventional toothbrush, they are worth their weight in gold. A super fresh clean making sure to get a good clean in all areas of the teeth.

  52. I personally do not like electric toothbrushes as I don’t like the sensation of my brain buzzing. I am entering for my sister who swears by electric toothbrushes .

  53. I like that they get into those hard to reach areas a manual brush can’t. They keep your teeth sparkly

  54. They clean your teeth much more efficiently with much less effort and save you money in the long run on expensive dental treatment as a result.

  55. I’ve only ever tried one once and found it too harsh for me, so I like most the adjustable vibration!

  56. I think electric toothbrushes are far more thorough than manual and the fact you only have to change the head once a year is a definite bonus!

  57. My dentist has recommended electric toothbrushes over manual. Winning one would be fabulous!

  58. I like electric toothbrushes because I can’t brush too hard. Well, I could, but the toothbrush just stops spinning. So I know then to stop brushing too hard. With a manual I brushed far too hard and was brushing my teeth away.

  59. I like the fact that they stop you brushing too hard and are kinder to your teeth and gums

  60. The timer function is the best as I can easily loose track of time, looks unique as well

  61. I’m entering this to give it to D-in-L so I can’t answer your question, plus I have dentures (lol)

  62. It’s funky design & the fact it appears to be a quality toothbrush. My current one is most definitely not!

  63. I like that my electric toothbrush times how long I brush for. I could do with a new one though 😉

  64. They don’t wear my teeth down; my front teeth were in an accident and manual toothbrushes are often painful. Electric tends to be much softer.

  65. This is the first time I’ve heard of an electric toothbrush with rubber “bristles”. It looks really interesting and definitely something I would like to try. I have one question though, does it not give off a “nails against a chalkboard” feeling while brushing?

  66. I wouldn’t be without one as my mouth does just not feel as clean with a “manual” brush. And I think it seriously reduces dental costs in later life.

  67. i think that electric toothbrushes clean my teeth better and because of the timer they make sure I clean for long enough and they are nice and clean

  68. I so need my teeth to be cleaner, and I believe this will be the best way to clean them. thank you for making such a great tooth brush

  69. I like the way I Can be a little bit lazier with an electric toothbrush and it helps my kids be a bit more enthusiastic too.

  70. I like to know that my teeth have been cleaned thoroughly and I’m impressed by the fact that the Mirai toothbrush has adjustable vibration.

  71. I like that they clean your teeth more vigorously then an ordinary toothbrush, seems to get in the places others dont get into, and teeth feel cleaner this happens using very little effort

  72. Electric toothbrushes are the way forward, my dentist keeps telling me about areas im missing and everytime it’s a different area!

  73. The True Company’s Mirai toothbrush looks very intriguing. I’ve never before seen a design like this so I’d love to opportunity to try this toothbrush

  74. I like electric toothbrushes as they are very handy when I want to clean the back teeth – in addition, I feel my teeth a lot cleaner after using the electric one.

  75. I have never used an electric toothbrush but i understand they give teeth a much better clean

  76. Electric toothbrushed clean your teetch much better. They stop me from brushing too hard and therefore my gums don’t bleed – it also keeps the dentist happy when I go – ouch!

  77. I find that electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better and I tend to brush to hard with a manual toothbrush so it solves this problem aswell x

  78. This toothbrush has functions that I’ve not seen on others (the timer is great as I usually lose count of how long I’ve been brushing, especially just before bed and after a few (cough cough) shandies lol.

  79. The power and accuracy of the brushing, giving a shinier and cleaner feel than the more ponderous and labour hand operated toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes are a godsend, make no mistake!

  80. i like the fact it is gentle on gums.Also that it makes your mouth feel a lot cleaner than a manual brush

  81. My teeth feel so much cleaner after using an electric toothbrush as opposed to manual one. Also love to use a electric pik as its less traumatic than floss and quicker

    • Fab, isn’t it – the head only needing to be changed once a year! Yeah, the replacement is really cheap too – you just contact their customer service and order. All the best with your entries.

  82. I like electric toothbrushes because they’re so much less affort on a morning when im up at 5am for work!

  83. They give a superior clean when compared with manual toothbrushes so give the user more confidence. I particularly like the colour and silicone material on this particular product.

    • The colour stands out, doesn’t it – definitely not your usual toothbrush colour. 🙂 The silicone material is a real bonus, the only of its kind I’ve come across. All the best with your entries.

  84. Teeth just feel cleaner with an electric toothbrush. Plus, if they have a timer then you know you’re brushing for the right amount of time.

  85. I like that the head only needs replacing yearly, the brush looks very stylish much more so than an ordinary toothbrush and they are more effective at cleaning which is a big bonus x

    • It’s such a stylish toothbrush, isn’t it. I also like the fact that the head only need replacing yearly. All the best with your entries.

  86. I love electric toothbrushes as they do a much better job than if you used a manual tooth brush. Teeth feel a lot cleaner.

    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!
    I love reading your blogs. Keep up the great work & Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Awwww Gemma, thanks so much for your kind words about my blogs and indeed for your well-wishes. It is a fab giveaway, isn’t it. I was very pleased to have sourced it for my readers; it’s such fun to win comps, hey. All the best with your entries.

  87. The timer definitely gives me more motivation to clean more thoroughly and better and to not rush through.

  88. I’ve never used an electric toothbrush but my dentist recommended I try one. I’ve never got round to getting one.

  89. They make your mouh feel so much cleaner and of course they get rid of more plaque than manual brushing

  90. I like that they seem to do a better job of cleaning my teeth if defo goes faster than me, lol

  91. This looks amazing! Electric toothbrushes clean so much better than regular brushes.

  92. I like electric toothbrushes because they seem to be doing much betterjob , although I dont like the price tag

  93. I don’t use an electric toothbrush but my hubby does and he says they clean much better than normal toothbrushes.

  94. I find electric toothbrushes to be more effective than a manual toothbrush as they have more power.
    Great prize
    Thank you

  95. everyone in the family has one.. apart from me.. heard electric toothbrushes are better for you… and a timer would give me a better idea how long ive been brushing my teeth!

  96. I’ve never tried cleaning my teeth with one, so am very intriqued what the fuss is about.

  97. I have never used an electric toothbrush before. after reading some of these comments I am considering getting one today. I like the idea of getting a better clean!

  98. I’ve never used an electric toothbrushes before but hubby always use these. he loves it and that fact that giving a deeper clean than manual toothbrushes is the best thing

  99. I like how much cleaner your teeth feel after using an electric toothbrush and also that most have a timer on them so you know you’re brushing for the correct amount of time.

    • O yeah, the silicone is one of the best things about it for me. I didn’t know you could do so much with silicone. All the best with your entries; electric toothbrushes do brush better.

  100. I think they clean much better then manual toothbrushes. I like that with the very limited time I have I get a cleaner teeth.

  101. Electric toothbrushes always make my teeth feel so much cleaner than a normal toothbrush and this one sounds fab x

  102. I just feel you get a better clean with them, my last one broke around this time last year and I’ve been using a normal toothbrush since and you just don’t get the same clean feel.

  103. I use an electric toothbrush unless I am on holiday where I usually just buy a normal one to take and throw away, I do notice a massive difference though, not matter how long I brush with a manual toothbrush they never feel as clean as when I use my electric one. This sounds great though that the heads last a year!

    • Electric toothbrushes sure do that much extra, don’t they. It’s brill, isn’t it, that you only need to change the Mirai’s head once a year – think of the money saved over the years. All the best with your entries.

  104. I think an electric toothbrush is vital for cleaning your teeth properly, never heard of the one in your blog, and it’s too expensive for me but it sounds brilliant.

    • I only heard about it recently too, Julie. It’s quite new from America … expensive but lovely; one I’m thankful to have, for sure. All the best with your entries.

  105. I like that they make your teeth feel shiny and clean but I don’t like how my gums feel afterwards x

  106. I like that they time the amount of time you should brush for – otherwise I tend to rush cleaning

  107. I like electric toothbrushes because they can get to intricate, hidden areas and your mouth feels really good after a brushing with them.

  108. I’m quite odd as I use both, electric in the morning and manual in the evening! I think it is good to mix it up as I find that electric toothbrushes clean some things well, but not everything!

    • Interesting one Chris … what areas do you think electric toothbrushes don’t tackle as well as a manual toothbrush? It’s sounds you’ve got a good mix that works for you. All the best with your entries.

  109. I know they are more effective than manual brushing so I like the peace of mind they give

  110. It looks a lovely toothbrush, my dentist would love it if I were to improve my gums. Despite regular brushing and regular checks my gums are still a problem. I think oral hygiene is very important but like you I do wish this brush was cheaper and more affordable.

    • I know what you mean Judith … hopefully as the technology develops in this area, toothbrushes like this will become more affordable. All the best with your entries.

  111. Love this, I’m with you that it is very pricey though. Having medical issues I also have receding gums so this would be so perfect for me as my gums often bleed. I hope Santa’s good to me and I find this amazing toothbrush under the tree (wink wink) I also thought your blog post was informative, well written and honest, I like that. x

  112. It is definitely a more effective and better way of cleaning my teeth with just a touch of a button. With chronic joint pains this is brilliant and God sent.

  113. I just think they give a better clean. That’s surely better for loooking after teeth.

  114. I’ve not yet owned an electric toothbrush but would love to try one as I know that dentists say they are much more effective than normal toothbrushes. This one sounds amazing but pricey … although it’s pretty cool that you don’t need to replace the head more than once a year and so perhaps not so expensive. It’s something I have been thinking about getting as I’ve heard that poor dental health is linked to increased risk of heart attack/stroke so not something we should underestimate 🙂

    • Good dental health definitely contributes to overall health. The word out there is that electric is better than manual, isn’t it. I’m thankful to have this electric one, for sure. All the best with your entries.

  115. I have used an electric toothbrush for years and they do give a good clean. I love the fact that the silicone brush head only needs changing anually.

  116. This looks fabulous, love how the silicone is used to ensure its clean and bug free!

  117. Love electric toothbrushes but seem to spend a fortune on replacement brush heads! This sounds like a great idea and really funky design too. My other half doesn’t like them as he thinks they’re unhygienic so maybe this self cleaning one will persuade him to try one!

  118. For me I only started using it this year and I find they just work so much better and my mouth feels so much fresher as though I have just visited the dentist.

  119. I love the fact that they are easy to use when you feel half asleep in the morning, and I always feel like they give a better clean.

  120. electric tooth brushes make all the difference –and this one seems to offer some differnt features to most on the market

  121. I think that your teeth feel so much cleaner with an electric toothbrush. Mine broke a few months ago and I really miss it xx

  122. I like that they make it so much easier to clean the areas of your mouth that are normally really hard to reach x

  123. I still use a manual toothbrush and am the only member of my family who still does. I’ve tried a couple of electric toothbrushes but I’ve found they hurt my sensitive teeth. If I could find the right electric toothbrush I’d gladly switch as I know they do a better job.

    • One thing I like about this one is that you can regulate the amount of pressure it puts on your teeth / gums by increasing or decreasing the vibrations. It might worth having a chat with your dentist for recommendations, if you haven’t already done so. All the best with your entries.

  124. I like an electric toothbrush as my dentist tells me that using it means less trips to the hygienist!

  125. I just love how much cleaner my teeth and whole mouth feels using an electric toothbrush.
    They feel smooth and squeaky clean!

  126. This would be a great product to help with my oral hygiene. I already use a water pik to get between the teeth and into the crevices but I still need a brush to clean the flat parts of each tooth. This one with the unique timer and great design would be brilliant for restoring whiteness and getting rid of plaque. Two years warranty is very good too.

  127. I love how AMAZINGLY clean electric toothbrushes make my mouth feel – it’s like going to the dentist every day!

  128. Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual ones and for the heads to be changed once a year this is a big plus. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  129. Love the sillicone bristles and the fact they dont hold bacteria and the softer brush on the teeth and gums x

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