One Impressive Pigeon with Grit

My Sunday Photo 26

It was the last day of our toddler group in the Summer and we had such a lovely time. Precious Sparkle had a ball jumping up and down in the bouncy castle, and I totally enjoyed watching him stumble and stand, laugh and giggle. I mean, what a privilege to watch him improve in his mastery of this humongous bobbing toy.

It was lunch time before we knew it and I was pleased to open up our packed lunch; planning and remembering to pack a lunch box for outings isn’t one of my strong parenting points … thank God for breastfeeding.

Anyway, we got on with eating and as you can expect with a toddler, it wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing. My sandwiches weren’t as wanted as I would have liked, and a piece made its way to the floor. Well, before I could pick it up to position it for easier (away from us) access for the birds around, this impressive Pigeon with grit was right there.

Now pigeons are not my favourite birds, not that I have any coming to think of it. However, there was enough distance between us for me think beyond shooing it away. Precious Sparkle was captivated and my camera was within reach, as we settled to enjoy the unfolding scene before us.

MSP 26 Pigeon eating bread 1

If you’ve read some of My Sunday Photo posts, you’ll know that I’m intrigued about capturing movement. Well, on this day, just a few steps away, was a whole load of movement waiting to happen. Actually, there was very little waiting … just about enough to get my camera ready.

And as I have done so many times, I snapped away … and clicked … and snapped … and clicked … and snapped … until the last bit of bread was just about captured by this determined pigeon. My word, what a full on attack on this piece of bread … there was no getting away for it, and the winner was obvious from the start.

MSP 26 Pigeon eating bread cI wish the pictures were sharper and clearer; nonetheless, it’s a good enough capture of our unplanned entertainment from this confident pigeon. It didn’t care that we were nearby; it wanted that piece of bread … end of story. Once the bread was gone, the pigeon followed; flying off as quickly as it flew down.

The incident left us speechless, and it got me reflecting; what a feisty pigeon.

If only I saw opportunities so quickly
And grabbed them so promptly
If only, I tackled them with such ferocity
And faced them with such tenacity
If only, I came to them with such determination
And kept on at them with such perseverance
If only, I could match this pigeon’s grit
And exhibit its resilient grip
Oh, how so much more I’ll achieve
From every opportunity that comes my way

What unplanned entertainment have you experienced recently?

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