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The invite to the #MumOnAMission fitness event with Kimberly Wyatt, an aspect of Kiddicare’s New Mum Fitness campaign, caught my attention. You see, I’m not an exercise kinda girl; it helps that my weight has never been a major concern. Even then, I’ve noticed a decline in my fitness level over the years.

The most I do is walk, but only in so much as it relates to my job, shopping and errands, or time with family and friends. However, part of what motherhood means for me at this point, is the increased feeling of responsibility to look after myself more. My little man is quick on his feet and I need more energy to keep up with him.

I went, unsure of what to expect; I left so thankful that I attended. ‘Why?’, you might wonder. Well, I came away with a wealth of helpful information about my postpartum body and how #MumOnAMission can work for me and other mums.

Here are the top 5 things I like about Kimberly Wyatt’s #MumOnAMission fitness program.

1. One mum to another

It’s an exercise regime created by one mum and her trainer Glenn Ball, for other mums. I know Kimberly is a professional dancer and exercising is core to it. However, she is a mum like me, trying to do her best for her baby, her family, and herself. She has been through pregnancy and birth, and experienced how it changes your body. I like the fact that she is not promoting a particular body shape, and her focus is not so much on getting your pre-pregnancy body back, as it is on doing your best for you and yours.

I must say that hearing Kimberly talk about her journey to #MumOnAMission especially endeared the fitness programme to me.

MumOnAMission Event Review

2. 24 7 Mummy juggle compatible

It only requires 24 mins every day to get desirable results. I find this manageable and doable. I can make the time wherever it  fits into my daily mummy juggle.

3. Special equipment free

I don’t need to buy anything special for this training regime. All I need is access to the internet and device to stream each workout from Instructor Live, an “anytime, anywhere, any device” online fitness ‘gym’.

No exercise DVD clutter and no looking for storage space!

It allows me to exercise effectively in the comfort of my own home, wearing whatever suits me. All I need is some space to move, internet access, and a phone, tablet, computer, or TV.

Unfortunately, this also means that if I don’t have internet access, I wouldn’t have access to the training session. I also can’t loan it to a friend months down the line, or dust it off the shelf to reuse it without paying, after another baby. I wonder if there is any plan to make the workouts available on DVD; or if I can save it to my computer for later use.

4. Affordable

It’s cheaper than joining a gym or signing up for individual exercise sessions; you can access it with other exercise programmes on Instructor Live for Ā£5.99 a month. Not bad, hey.

5. Fun

I really enjoyed the moves and beats; the programme has 7 key dance based moves. I struggled a bit with coordination but this was sorted by the end of the trial session. Glen and Kimberly made it easy to follow, despite it being a high intensity training. There were also pauses in between that helped me and other mums catch our breath, in between segments of the exercise.

Another big plus for me, is that I can include Precious Sparkle, my active toddler. He loves music and dancing and I can see him joining in with me, in his own way. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for me to teach / show him the importance of exercising from a very young age.

MumOnAMission Event

There were opportunities during the workout to do pelvic floor exercises, which is fab; another area of improvement for me. Kimberly shows that this training works and you can feel the work on your muscles during the exercise. I’m also really pleased it doesn’t involve sit ups or any moves that could hurt my back; thanks Glenn.

There were lots of good information about the importance of exercise postpartum and I really hope some of these will soon be included in the information the NHS gives to expectant and new mums.

It was nice meeting some really lovely people, including @Just_motherhood, @MsXpat, Rachel (@Netmums’ Editor-in-Chief), and @DebEditor (@Babyworlddotcom’s editor).

I am especially thankful to Margarita Bennett, Kiddicare’s postnatal fitness instructor, who told me about diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles. This is apparently very common amongst mums, following pregnancy and birth. It was helpful to know that my mummy pouch is partly due to it, but even more than it can be fixed with the right exercises.

Thanks @Mb_bbf, for making time to check the state of my abdominal muscles, for showing me how to recognise diastasis recti, for your willingness to help me with sorting it out, and for your guidance during the workout. I also really appreciate how friendly and patient you were. šŸ™‚
Thanks @dancartner (SportsShoes), for highlighting the importance of getting trainers that gives one adequate arch support and the fab goodie bag.
Thanks Mike (, for a fab goodie bag; I can’t wait to get #MumOnAMission with the exercise outfits.
Thanks Kiddicare for supporting achievable postpartum exercises.
Thanks @KimberlyKWyatt and @glennball7 for your mummy juggle compatible fitness regime; and for being so approachable and real.
Thanks to all the organisers for a useful session, good company, and yummy lunch (the caterers were fab).

I’m a #MumOnAMission, and I look forward to starting the fitness program.

Are you able to fit regular exercise into your daily juggling act? What do you think of #mumonamission?

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 | #MumOnAMission Event Review

  1. Fantastic post. So very informative. It was lovey to meet you at the event. It is great isn’t it. I really am glad to have tried the workout as I think it suits my family life so well. I can easily fit 24 minutes a day into my daily routine with the children. That is what is so great about it. Great to have met you lovely lady xx

    • Thanks so much for promptly checking this out! I really appreciate it :-). It was lovely meeting you and hopefully see you around the blogosphere more. I can’t wait to start the workout though I’m not looking forward to the accompanying aching muscles (thankfully, it’s temporary) šŸ™‚

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