Mute Monday 20Apr15

Mute Monday

You know those photographs that make you go, ‘huh?’ …. those moments captured that weren’t your intended target … those surprising shots you get when you throw caution to the wind and snap away … those photos that leave you without much words … well, that’s what my Mute Monday is about.


I came across these rowers whilst walking by the River Thames to give Precious Sparkle the opportunity to rest and perhaps sleep. I didn’t really pay attention to them, until it occurred to me that they presented a chance for me to practise capturing movement. I had vague images of water sprays frozen in time, and beautifully captured in way I couldn’t imagine. I brought out my camera to have a go and hoped to be pleasantly surprised.

I looked up and thought, “crumbs, they’re too far away for a close-up shot with my zoom”. And so, I started running with the buggy to try to catch up with them. I ran until I kinda lost my breath and felt silly. So, I stopped and thought I’d just give it a go and see what happens.

Mute Monday

Mute Monday 20Apr15… Hummmm … is that a … is it … what?

A missed opportunity for some (in my mind) incredible shot of water splashing in mid-air; but my, I’d be scared for life if that happened to me … I don’t think I’ll row again.

So, what do you think … any words?

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