My One Lovely Blog Award

What is it?

The One Lovely Blog Award is a blogger to blogger award that has been passed on for I don’t think anyone knows ages. It’s a way of getting to know other bloggers that little bit more, and celebrating blogs.

My One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

Stacey @MumsBlindLove (currently on a blogging break) nominated me for this award; thanks so much Stacey :-). It was a pleasant surprise to get Stacey’s nomination tweet and it’s been lovely working on this post.

I first twitter-met Stacey on #mblogchat in April. Stacey is a new mum and she used to blog about different aspects of her life; check her on Twitter @MumsBlindLove.

I only just discovered from a Twitter search for my nominee search tweets that I was nominated for this award way back in March by Karen (all the way from New Zealand) @mummy_do_it and Misunderstood Mummy ‏@M_Mummy_! Thanks lovely ladies, for your nominations; so sorry it took me ages to visit your posts.

7 Facts About Me

  1. God means the most to me.
  2. I originate from the 2nd largest continent in square miles and population – do you know which one?
  3. I rarely use make up. I had a few goes in my teens and twenties, but I couldn’t sustain it – it’s too time consuming for my disposition.
  4. I went to 4 secondary schools in two countries, and a fifth one as a visiting student in a third country.
  5. I only got a smart phone (albeit an entry level one) some months ago, and I wouldn’t have if the charger on my old phone hadn’t developed a fault.  In hindsight, I’m glad it did; I wouldn’t want to part with my smartphone now. In fact, I want a better one. 🙂
  6. I enjoy watching films that make you think; e.g. ‘Pay It Forward, ‘Into The Wild’, ‘God On Trial’ etc. I cried so hard after watching ‘Into the Wild’; it’s so sad. These films raise so many questions about life and living.
  7. I’m a bit of a perfectionist; not good. The biggest downside to this for me, apart from things taking longer than really needed, is that I’m constantly looking for chunks of time that doesn’t exist to do what I need to do. This then results in my to-do lists  getting longer and longer and longer.

My One Lovely Blog Award | 7 interesting facts about me, 15 bloggers nominated | | @aNoviceMum

My Nominees

I must confess that I posted requests for folks who wanted to be nominated on some of my Facebook blogging groups; I just wasn’t sure about how to find nominees. So many bloggers have been nominated for this award and I didn’t want to nominate those that had already received it, or those who weren’t interested in it.

So, here are my nominees:

  1. Wendy @wend91
  2. Julie @juliecookies
  3. Franca @WithFranca
  4. Emily @girlapplewood
  5. Jo @MommaBossBlog
  6. Cassie @TheAllOutBlog
  7. Rod @moderndadpages
  8. Kelly @EatBermondsey
  9. Aimee @Dream1ncolour
  10. Sacha @Sacha_Visualize
  11. Vicky @BeingTillysMama
  12. Caragh @Ramblingparent
  13. Ashleigh @lovingfinley__
  14. Hannah @2_plus4Walkers
  15. Eilidh @MummyandMonkeys

My, it took a while to find you all! I look forward to reading your post and getting to know you a bit more.

Tag @aNoviceMum on twitter when your post is ready, so that I can pop over your blog for a read. 🙂

The Rules

It seems, from my little google based research, that One Lovely Blog Award nominees are expected to:

  1. thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to the nomination post
  2. share 7 facts about themselves (some say unknown ones)
  3. nominate 15 bloggers they admire, and let them know (some say 10, also by commenting on their blog).
  4. Add the award badge to your post.

My Commentary on The Rules

It’s definitely courteous to thank the nominator and link back to their post.

It is lovely that there are no restrictions on the followers’ stats of the blogger, or their blogging duration; it’s an inclusive award.

I suppose your shared facts will always be unknown to someone out there; so it’s brilliant not having to stress about which unknown facts to share.

Nominating only bloggers you admire is a difficult one, considering how long the award has been around for. A lot of bloggers have already been nominated.

The nominated bloggers should of course also read the nominating post and comment; it’s just common courtesy, isn’t it.

It definitely makes sense to add the badge, it’s a ready-made image for your post. I however don’t know which badge to add; I found a variety of them during my search on google images.

For Your Information

I’m relaunching my #SoMeBlogLuv linky (in a week’s time) and you’re welcome to share your blogger award posts and other tags on it. I’ll tweet you when it’s live except you prefer otherwise.

Also, I’m finally going to be starting my Blogtacles Facebook group, which will have dedicated blogger award / tag threads to find nominees, amongst other things. You are welcome to join, when it starts, if you want.

Can you identify with any of my facts? | Tell me one interesting fact about yourself.

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10 thoughts on “My One Lovely Blog Award

    • I look forward to reading your post. I need to learn to reign in the ‘perfectionist’ bit about me, and grow in my efficiency and effectiveness! Feel free to share any tips to reduce the perfectionist tendency we have 🙂

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  2. Thank you for my nomination. I have finally written my post up. Ohh I can not be bothered with make up either, there are so many other things I would prefer to spend my time and money on. I love a good thinker of a film too and I have no idea how you have managed to last this long without a smart phone!xx
    wendy recently posted…One Lovely Blog AwardMy Profile

    • Lovely read – your post. I suppose with smart phones, you don’t know what you’re missing until you have one. I’m still getting my head around it. I’d blog better if I could use my phone as much as others use theirs. 🙂

      Thanks for writing your post; I shall add your link to mine 🙂

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