My parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas

I can’t believe it’s day 10 of #12daysofparenting; today’s theme is about parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas time. Thanks for hopping from The Mummy Balance if you did. 🙂 Our fab giveaway includes a bubba bag from Gumigem; entries (UK Residents Only) are via the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. See the 12 Days of Parenting page for terms and conditions.

If you’ve been following my #12daysofparenting post, you’ll know that my take on the themes have not been quite as straightforward and I’ve ended up writing longer than I usually do.

Well, I’m hoping to directly engage with today’s theme about parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas and hopefully not write too long. 🙂

So, on my 2nd ‘non-Christmas’ Christmas as a mum, how does my parenting expectations compare to my parenting reality? …. sigh … hmmmmmmmm …

Okay, I need to go back a bit to answer this question. In my pre-motherhood days, one of my thoughts at this time of the year was all about how I wanted my family’s Christmas times to be largely about serving and helpful others. This was inspired by a dear friend’s experiences as a Crisis Chrismas volunteer for many years.

The idea of practically highlighting our privilege, however basic, and the importance of reaching out to others in need, is one that is really important to me. However, I’ve actually never voluntered with Crisis, and I usually just want to chill at home during this time of the year.

So, this is one parenting hope that is on the back burner for now; I’ve told myself that my Precious Sparkle still has many years to go before his volunteering application would be considered. ‘Parenting dream saved for now’, won’t you say?

My parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas

In the mean time, I need to figure out what to do with Christmas and during Christmas, as a parent.

Some things never change obviously, no trying to keep my toddler from messing about with Christmas decorations, or contain his excitement on Christmas eve about presents that await. There will be no toddler annoyances as a result of Christmas cooking interuptions, or stressful attempts to get to Father Christmas on time. There is no trying to find time to wrap up presents, or even the dilemma of the toddler-attention-keeping Christmas present to get.

There is no search for ‘how to explain Santa (my #12daysofparenting code word) to my toddler’, no reference to elves, or sleigh. There will no sitting down to watch specific Christmas movies, though Christmas specials of Downton Abbey, and the few other shows I watch when I can, are allowed.

Fab, isn’t it? My parenting expectations in terms of traditional Christmas features are actually realised; albeit, to the accusations of being a cruel parent. Even then, I can live with that, afterall, lots of these were not part of my upbringing. Yah, for once, the veil of growing up within a different culture actually comes in handy … hmmmm … well, to those who buy it anyway. 🙂

My main parenting expectation let down is my inability to ensure that everything is in its place as I would like it, and I’m thankful that my toddler isn’t aware of this shortcoming. If anything, he’s probably pleased about it; it means there are more things for him to explore. 🙁

You can see that my parenting expectations at Christmas are very low, and so my actual parenting reality gap is really small. I just hope by the end of these 2 weeks school holiday, that my

  • soul is uplifted from time in God’s word
  • spirit is refreshed from time with God
  • heart is warmer from lots of fun family time
  • shoes are more worn from daily outings with my toddler
  • face is exercised from laughing with family and friends
  • hands are more opened from the giving of myself to others
  • house is cleaner and fragranced with more love
  • blog to-do list is smaller
  • teaching to-do list is shorter

~ So, how does your parenting expectations compare with your parenting reality? ~

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