My Sunday Photo 05Apr15

My Sunday Photo

A flower in a house

Noticing / Capturing / Moving

Last week, I noted the photographic inspiration that I derive from people’s front gardens; what about people’s houses! I was at a very dear friend’s some days ago, and as is usual for me these days, I had my camera with me. ‘Hmmmmmm’, did I hear you say? 🙂 Well, this blogger keeps one of her blogging aids quite close; she never knows when it might come in handy. 😉

Precious Sparkle and I were on our way back from our monthly extended breastfeeding group, 🙂 with a parking fine in tow (another tale to tell) :-(. It’s not uncommon that I’ll check with my lovely friend if I could stop by hers on my way home. She graciously agreed to see us though I only called to ask if we could visit whilst parked less than 1 minute from their driveway. 🙂 We love hanging out with their family, and definitely in their home. Her homemaking skills reminds me of what I’ll like mine to be someday. 🙂

As usual, we sat down and started catching up in her beautiful sitting room; and then I saw this by a window!

Sunday Photoo 05Ap15‘O my word, what a beauty’, I thought. The camera had to come out! If you’ve seen my previous ‘My Sunday Photo‘ posts, you know that I enjoy taking and sharing pictures of flowers. 🙂

Multitasking is one of the accepted features of parenting, and it came in very handy in this situation. In addition, the timing was just right; the conversation between my friend and I was gradually slowing down. You see, she focused more and more on Precious Sparkle as we shared our news. So, I stood up, unzipped the bag where I keep my camera (until I get a proper camera case), and started my picture-taking process.

I of course was still involved in our time together, and our conversation continued; albeit, with more quiet moments in between. As usual, I experimented with different tones for similar shots.

Sunday Photo 05Ap15c

I found its position, background, colour contrast, and detail intriguing. So, I tried to capture as much of it from different angles and distance, as quickly possible. Afterall, I came to spend time with my friend and her husband, not to take pictures. 🙂 And my fast-moving Precious Sparkle needed my FULL attention!

Sunday Photo 05Ap15d

One usually knows when it’s time to put the camera down and move on, and thankfully I did. We moved from their sitting room to their kitchen space, then to their garden and back; making lovely memories all the way. A lot of laughing, more talking, a few more pictures; and it was time to go home!


Do you find photographic inspiration in people’s houses? Do you end up taking different shots of the same object too? What do you think of my pictures? 🙂

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21 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 05Apr15

  1. This is a beautiful flower and a lot of stunning images. I suspect from the flower your friends garden is quite impressive. I haven’t had much chance to get out with my camera this week I think I too am going to start taking it everywhere. There have been so many missed photos because my phone didn’t zoom of focus the way I needed. 🙂
    laura recently posted…Silent Sunday 05/04/2015 #mysundayphotoMy Profile

    • Thanks so much; my friend’s garden is definitely impressive and their house is so lovely. 🙂 Your camera is definitely worth taking along with you when you’re out and about, if you can. You just never know what you might discover and there’s no guarantee it’ll be there next time. All the best with your future photo snaps :-); Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I do so love orchids! Always so beautiful and delicate…and there are so very many colors!

    Great photos and great reminder to keep our cameras with us…as well as know when to put them away. There are lots of times I don’t even take mine out because I realize that the moment & the people I am with are more important that capturing that photo that I’ll share on the blog later. 😉

    Thank you for joining us again this week!
    Jen recently posted…Photo Friday – Gathering StormsMy Profile

    • Thanks for your lovely comment; they really are gorgeous and so delicate. Their colours are exquisite! It’s about balance, isn’t it; and recognising when capturing moments is okay and when it’s not. We must live … and everything can’t be about our blogs. Thanks for your lovely linkup 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s practise, practise, practise … I love photography but I haven’t studied it, so I just make it up and experiment. I play with the features, zoom, adjust, and look :-). Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing 🙂

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