My Sunday Photo 15

My Sunday Photo

Synchronizing Geese

Attention / Positioning / Snapping

I decided to finish my outing with Precious Sparkle a few days ago by walking along the river on our way to the car. It had been such a lovely day of mingling; first in our Mothers and Toddlers’ group, and then with two of my mummy friends and their children. Our little ones had run around so much open space to their heart’s content; playing with balls, chasing Jackdaws, eating lunch, laughing with their mamas etc.

‘Duck’, ‘Duck’, Precious Sparkle said, as we waved our friends goodbye. This is one of his few keywords when any river is within his sight. I couldn’t deny him the pleasure, we were literally by the river. So, we walked towards our usual ‘duck spotting’ area, occasionally stopping to take pictures as Precious Sparkle took in his environment.

The Ducks were there as usual, with the Pigeons and the Geese. Precious Sparkle was really chilled out in his buggy, I suppose that’s what a lot of running around does to a toddler. This was fab, because it meant we could both enjoy the scene before us in our own way; Precious Sparkle by looking around, I by observing and photographing.

Then, I saw an Egyptian Goose … and another, just as we were about to leave the riverside. There they were, standing tall above the pigeons, and stunning amongst the Canadian Geese. I had to take some pictures … just a few at least. I pushed the buggy to a good position and snapped away.

MySundayPhoto 15 | #MySundayPhoto | Geese Galore | | @aNoviceMum

I didn’t think much of the moment, until I looked through the pictures on the computer. There seemed to be some Geese synchronizing going on.

MySundayPhoto 15 | #MySundayPhoto | Synchronizing Geese | | @aNoviceMum

Like my Bumble Bee experience reminded me last week, we see much more many a time, when we view through a different screen.

It was almost like the Geese told each other where and how to look for each shot; what posers hey. They are so graceful, aren’t they; with their long necks, pointy beaks, and sharp eyes.

Do you like Geese?

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29 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 15

    • My friend Lottie, told me about the Geese’s identity when I told her about the first time I saw them. This is one of the lovely things about photography, you learn so much on the snapping road. 🙂

  1. Hmmmm – I like geese from a very safe distance. As a child I would walk to my friend and her guard geese would attack me of I tried to get through the gate until she came and shooed them away – ever since then I have had a healthy respect for these large hissing birds with big beaks and strong wings!
    See you on #AnimalTales on Tues 🙂
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault recently posted…Silent Sunday – June 7th 2015My Profile

    • 🙁 Geese attack doesn’t sound good at all. I like a healthy respect towards all animals is definitely a good idea. I imagine those beaks and strong wings can cause a lot of damage. See you on Tue as #AnimalTales 🙂

  2. lol i do love humanising animals and wondering what they are thinking when they do something. I often think when I’ve been on safari that the Big 5 line up toghether for the toursit photo and charge per picture

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