My Sunday Photo 19

My Sunday Photo

A Little Colourful Bird

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We were on our way back home from signing up for Precious Sparkle’s swimming lessons, when a nature model presented itself to be photographed. My oh my, my second photography treat of the day … as if my lovely Black Bird capture on the way to the leisure centre wasn’t enough … what a blessing!

As we went through the communal gate, I looked up. There it was, a little colourful birdie, minding its own business. My hands, like it has done many times in recent months, sprung into action.

Camera case unzipped … camera out … lens cover removed … mode changed to sport … camera positioned … lens zoomed … and off I snapped. I wanted a closer close up, but I’ve learnt that a farther shot is better than no shot sometimes.

Even then, I’m a dreamer full of hope. You never know, I might just capture ‘the shot’, whatever it is … I suppose I’ll know when I see it.

I carefully and silently moved closer, hoping the bird will stay perched on the tip of the naked branch. I hoped it will continue chirping happily away, oblivious to my presence, whilst giving me good poses.

Birds are so flighty, aren’t they. And the smaller they are, the harder they are to capture; it seems anyway. I remember my Robin and Black Bird captures a while ago, but this was more challenging. This bird was smaller and higher, way higher up and my neck was beginning to ache.

Putting one leg in front of the other in some kind of slow motion act, whilst trying to stay focused on the Bird, I quietly spoke to Precious Sparkle. “Bird”, “Ẹyẹ“*, I said; really hoping that will keep him engaged for a little while longer. You see, I couldn’t keep the camera still if Precious Sparkle got fidgety.

My Sunday Photo 19 | #MySundayPhoto | A colourful little bird on the way from signing up for swimming lessons (collage) | | @aNoviceMum

I got beneath the tree … and then to the other side of it … and the bird was still there! I was shocked but not enough to stop snapping; definitely delighted and thankful for the fabulous opportunity. I upped my game, adjusted my position, persevered with my aching neck and shoulders, and thought of new ways to keep my toddler as still as possible on my back.

This was serious business, and this little bird seemed to know it too. I quickly lightened my weight by putting my bag and my camera’s bag on the floor. I snapped from different angles, I really wanted to see the bird’s head and eyes as clearly as possible.

After a while though, Precious Sparkle was over it; it was time to move on to something more interesting. However, I wasn’t ready. So, I tried jiggling him as quietly as I could; hoping to pacify him for a bit longer. This is one of the perks of babywearing, especially on your back; I wouldn’t have been able to take up this picture opportunity otherwise.

And I snapped and snapped and snapped … until the little bird also had enough and flew away without giving notice. I’d planned to try and capture it as it took flight, but it wasn’t to be … not this time anyway.

My Sunday Photo 19 | #MySundayPhoto | A colourful little bird on the way from signing up for swimming lessons | | @aNoviceMum

I bent down to pick up my bag and the camera’s bag; and off we sauntered to our abode. As usual, I shared my lovely moment with my Mr and was thrilled to see my handiwork on the computer screen. I thought the last 3 pictures were especially fab, and I really God for my lovely photography treats.

*The Yoruba word for “Bird”.

What was your last photography treat? | Do you know the name of this bird?

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