My Sunday Photo 16

My Sunday Photo

A Geese Family

Looking / Seizing / Capturing

Thank God for the Royal Parks in the UK; what fabulous places they are. We were fortunate to be at Bushy Park last weekend for a Breastfeeding meet-up which I’ll be writing about soon; followed by a family hang out. As expected, my husband wasn’t keen on staying for the meet-up. I wonder if there are any Breastfeeding meet-ups that fully involve dads.

Anyway, on our family walk through the Park, we saw a range of bustling Park life in action: Canadian Geese, Mallard Ducks, Water Fowls, beautiful Parakeets, annoying Jackdaws, slightly unnerving Crows, a cute rabbit, a big fish, a graceful Heron, and tons of beautiful plant life. I’m sure there were other animals we came across whose name I didn’t know; but one that got me the most was once again the Eygyptian Geese.

We noticed one by the first pond we came across and stopped to admire it. Precious Sparkle was resting in his push chair after running around for hours and boldly going up to different families he had never met. He really enjoys watching Ducks and other water birds; though he hasn’t gotten hold of their names yet – they are all Ducks to him.

MySundayPhoto 16 | #MySundayPhoto | Mixed Park Life | | @aNoviceMum

And then this massive Egyptian Goose flew towards us … REALLY SCARY … and the one we had been watching suddenly opened its wings and flew towards the bigger one. I quickly moved away with Precious Sparkle, fearing an attack. I wasn’t sure whether they were squaring off but I quickly went for my Camera to capture the moment once I felt we were at a safe enough distance.

What a moment really: chest to chest, cooing at each other, with their opened wings seemingly facing off. Unfortunately, I was too late, I only managed to capture the aftermath of the Drama; disappointing hey.

MySundayPhoto 16 | #MySundayPhoto | Egyptian Geese | | @aNoviceMum

O well, I thought that was it with Egyptian Geese for the day; hence my surprise at seeing another pair by the 2nd pond we passed. I only tend to see a pair wherever I see them, you see. My husband told me these have some goslings but there was none in sight. I found their posture interesting, took some pictures, and we moved on.

On our way back to the car after a very long walk, we saw them again; my, what a sight! Precious Sparkle was by now flat-out in his buggy, too much excitement to stay awake. I so wanted to share the scene before us with him, I could almost hear his excited chatter in response. Well, before us and other onlookers were towering papa Geese, smaller mama Geese, and their goslings!

My husband was the one who pointed them out to me and encouraged me to take some pictures but I’m not sure he was keen on how long I spent trying to capture the scene. 🙂 I struggled to get good quality pictures, especially of the goslings. I learnt from one of the onlookers that the birth must happened within the hour and that the goslings would all have hatched at the same time or so.MySundayPhoto 16 | #MySundayPhoto | Geese Family | | @aNoviceMum

What a family to behold; dad standing guard against Crows and other unwelcome guests, mum doting over her little ones but not neglecting her self-care, babies snuggling up to each other for support in this brave new world.

I wondered if they breastfeed, because I saw one of the Goslings going between the mum’s legs and nuzzling up to her underbelly. Google search didn’t help with this question, so please comment if you know the answer. 🙂

You will never know from the size and colour of the Goslings’ feathers that they will one day grow into such big and beautiful Geese. So much potential packed into such cute littlings.

Have you seen Goslings or a Geese family before?

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