My Sunday Photo 15Mar15

My Sunday Photo

A sunset chase

Observing / Paying attention / Sharing / Developing my photography

‘O my word, what a sight’, I thought, as I hurried for my camera …

snap … zoom out … snap … zoom in … snap … zoom … snap … zoom …

‘O my word, what a capture’, I thought, as I viewed my snaps …

Admiring each shot, I’m mesmerised by the unfolding sight I just witnessed, and its capture through my camera’s lens.

I’m taken in by the unending wonder in creation; each unique awe-inspiring repeat of the same!

‘Which shot should I choose for my Sunday photo this week?’, I’ve considered a number of times.Sunday Photo Sunset W110315

See the rest of my sunset chase:

Sunday Photo Sunset W110315c

Less words … more picture … loving nature’s sights … sharing the beauty of creation …

a #beautyinthehaze that life can be sometimes

If you were me, which shot would you have picked for ‘My Sunday Photo’?

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16 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 15Mar15

    • Thanks for dropping by Merlinda, and for your lovely comment. Sunset captures are definitely worth it; each one unique in its own way. Such beauty to behold … no wonder it can be quite calming. Sorry about last week, not sure what happened there … will tweet to find out 🙂

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