My Sunday Photo 12

My Sunday Photo

Dripping Beaks

Snapping / Unplanned / Focused

‘Share birds or bees’, I wondered. ‘Birds’, I’ve decided to go for.

It’s incredible what you capture when you just click away, isn’t it? I’m learning that beautiful moments can be unexpectedly captured if you click that camera button without waiting too much for your perfect shot.

O yes, it is good to focus on something; otherwise you’ll have a whole of useless shots to delete – not great for the wrists. However, if you only ever take a picture when the scene is exactly as you want it, you wouldn’t capture many beautiful moments. I missed the opportunity to take a picture of a Lady Bird on a plant this week, because I was trying to capture a particular view of it. O well, I shot nothing in the end because it flew off before I was ready to snap away.

The pictures I’m sharing this week are in many ways accidental. I enjoy capturing moving objects; I usually find it more intriguing than capturing those that are still. It’s definitely more challenging, and as such I have more pictures of still moments. Hence, it’s so lovely when motion is captured without particularly intending to.

So, you can imagine my delight when I reviewed my captures the other day and found this.

#MySundayPhoto | Swan with water dripping from its beak | | @aNoviceMum

‘Awwwwww’, I thought, ‘so very sweet’. I really like water drops in pictures and to capture some is really lovely; even more from a moving bird; and particularly from a Swan, a rare sight on my many walks.

Precious Sparkle and I just needed to get out the other Saturday; we needed fresh air and a change of scene. So, off we went for a walk. On our way back home, I decided to go by the patch of river we had preciously walked through. Precious Sparkle really enjoys spotting ducks and I give him the pleasure of it whenever I can. It’s such fun watching him so excited, and hearing him say, ‘duck’ and ‘quack’, with his voice and hands. 🙂

I wasn’t expecting to see a Swan; in fact, I hadn’t seen one in a very long time. A dad was throwing bread to the Swan, with his daughter, and I admired their bravery at sitting on the edge of the river to do this. I’m way too chicken to get that close. But hey, I enjoyed snapping away with my camera as Precious Sparkle watched the interaction of different birds in the river.

We went by another patch of the river the following day after Church and enjoyed a lovely walk with a very dear friend. So much more fun to walk with others, especially close family and friends. I was able to take more pictures since there were more adults to look after Precious Sparkle. I was very pleased that he woke part way through the walk because he really enjoys the outdoors. I definitely want to him to enjoy the beauty and blessing of creation as much as possible.

I tried to appreciate the lovely company I had whilst also taking pictures of birds in the river; I’ve especially been after shots of stunning reflections in the water. Well, check this out.

#MySundayPhoto | Geese with water dripping from its beak | | @aNoviceMum This is a hastily taken picture because I had to run to catch up with my company. I found myself wishing I had caught a fuller picture of the bird. But wait a minute, I didn’t even know I’d captured something so striking until afterwards; so I’m grateful for the capture … really.

It’s like the Geese is communicating with its reflection; they’re shooting water up and down between themselves without much of a clear line inbetween.


Which do you prefer, taking pictures of objects that are still or objects in motion?

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15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 12

  1. I agree the amount of times I have missed a picture of a bird because I am trying to get a little closer or a better angle. Now I snap a picture after each step that way if it flies off there is a chance I have something and if not I got a little practice in.

    The swan shot is fantastic but then so is the goose and to get two shots in two different days that capture water drops. Brilliant. x
    laura recently posted…I need you help!!My Profile

    • Fab approach. We give ourselves the chance of capturing something pleasantly surprising when we snap away at our focus whether they are as we want or not. Whether we get it or not, we’ve practiced and that’s good enough. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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