My Sunday Photo 20

My Sunday Photo

2 Fortunate Squirrels

Noticing / Asking / Taking

I really enjoy hanging out with my mummy friends; there’s never a dull moment with them. On this particular day, two of us decided to continue socialising after our Mothers and Toddlers group, with our little ones.

We went to a really lovely public garden nearby for a picnic and enjoyed good quality toddler fun, courtesy of our boys. We then decided to go for a walk before heading home.

Pushing a buggy uphill was challenging, but the rest of our walk was a breeze. And then we saw these 2 squirrels by this pleasant extended family – grandma, mum, and two daughters. I had to stop when I realised they were feeding them.

The photographer in me couldn’t help herself; after going through my usual routine of getting my camera ready, I walked up to the family. With a smile, I asked their permission to photograph the moment, and assured them that they wouldn’t be in the picture.

And so, I snapped and checked.

My Sunday Photo 20 | #MySundayPhoto | A squirrel about to grab a nut from an opened hand | | @aNoviceMum

I was pleased with my capture but unsure how they’ll feel about the hand in the picture; I showed them and they assured me it was alright. I also told them that I’ll be use it on the net and that was fine with them too. And so I snapped away and got this fab shot; albeit, not as clear as I would have liked.

My Sunday Photo 20 | #MySundayPhoto | A squirrel about to grab a nut from a hand | | @aNoviceMum

Really encouraged by shots so far, I zoomed in and out, and snapped on. Now, Squirrels are really fast and close up shots like this are not easy to capture.

My Sunday Photo 20 | #MySundayPhoto | A squirrel eating a nut | | @aNoviceMum

They kept going back to the family for more nuts; the family however noticed that one of them was more confident and demanding. As a result of this, they tried to pay more attention to quieter one. It was all very interesting watching the interaction between the family and the squirrels; I’d never seen anything like that before.

My Sunday Photo 20 | #MySundayPhoto | A squirrel eating a nut collage| | @aNoviceMum

Most of the squirrels I see are very friendly … way too friendly for my liking … but my, not as friendly as these two; definitely not as fortunate. See the the inside of the paw.

My Sunday Photo 20 | #MySundayPhoto | The inside of a female squirrel's paw | | @aNoviceMum

I was very thankful that my friend was happy to keep our boys occupied whilst I indulged in my photography hobby. These captures were a real treat, and a fab wrap up of our day out.

I thought my #SilentsSunday squirrel picture was a close up, until I took these. 🙂

Can you tell the gender of the squirrel in the last 3 pictures?

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49 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 20

  1. Great pictures! I love squirrels and they are so friendly at many places we visit due to being used to people feeding them. Lovely creatures. I was taking pictures of one recently and you could very clearly see that is was a fine male squirrel! Ahem!

  2. Oh wow! What amazing captures. Really amazing!
    I took some photos of some red squirrels just a couple of months ago.
    They are lovely creatures aren’t they.

  3. Oh my! Very brave to feed squirrels out of your hand. We have a ton of squirrels in the yard, and they drive the doggies nuts. (ha!) Neither they with their feet and jowls nor I with my camera have been able to capture them.

    Great job with these! Thanks for joining us for Photo Friday this week!
    Jen recently posted…Photo Friday – Lighthouse ParkMy Profile

    • I didn’t feed them, I couldn’t let them come that close to me. I took pictures of a family that I came across who were feeding them. Yeah, they’re really fast, I can see how they drive your doggies nuts 🙂

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