My Sunday Photo 22: Lessons From Older Lovely Cygnets

Stumbling / Surprise / Learning

I am so pleased to be joining in with My Sunday Photo again, after what seems like a long undesirable absence.

The other week, on my way back from my Toddler Breastfeeding Group, Precious Sparkle and I came across some Swans. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Cygnet amongst them. 🙂 This was different from the first time I saw Cygnets (on a different patch of the Thames); they were small-ish and they stayed close to their parents. 

This Cygnet was a similar size to the Swans nearby. It (not sure of the gender) floated strongly and gracefully; older and bolder, it held its ground and stood as a grown bird in its own right.

MSP 22 Older Cygnets c2

You should have seen it as it cruised up and down the river, taking part in the feeding frenzy that ensued when someone started dropping chunks of bread into the river. It didn’t step aside for the Swans, but rather found its own way to gain some food for itself. I was really impressed with how it just got on with life and living, without looking intimidated.

MSP 22 Older Cygnet

We saw 2 more Cygnets up the river with a herd of Swans. They fitted right in and just got on with their business. I was especially amazed at their flexibility; they can turn their necks however they want!

MSP 21 Older Cygnets c

I wish I could have stayed longer and taken more pictures, but they wouldn’t have been anymore than we’d already seen. 🙂 I’m now hoping that the next lot of Cygnets I stumble upon, are tiny and literally sheltering on their mother’s back – what an experience that would be, and pictures they would make!

Lessons from the Swan

Seeing the 3 Cygnets on that day amidst the herd of Swans was such a reminder that the young grow.

O yes, children catch up with adults.

Our babies are adults in the making; their adult potential started with their conception. They rely on us to protect and nourish them for a while. It might look like a long while, but oh, how truly short it is. Very soon … before we know it … they will start holding their own ground … they will need us less and less … they will stand shoulder to shoulder with us, and seek their own way.

All things being equal, it will happen before we know it, and whether we like it or not.

I always want to remember this in my dealings with my Precious Sparkle, especially during the times when I think I need to discipline him. I want to always treat him in a way that I can comfortably look him in the eyes when he finally stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with me.

For as it has been with my parents and I before him, it would be with him.

He is growing … and catching up with me, in his own way.

How does it make you feel that your child will become an adult one day.

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16 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 22: Lessons From Older Lovely Cygnets

  1. Ahh how true and words we don’t think of too often. Time is quick though, isn’t it? Those swans are gorgeous. I’m always slightly nervous of them, they seem like very strong bullish things sometimes.

    • They have; just to say they’re the same ones I spotted when they were much younger. I don’t think so anyway, because that was on a different patch on the River Thames. I didn’t even pay attention to the white feathers until you mentioned it; thanks for that :-). What Swans in the making this Cygnets are, they. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Stella … I look forward to the day 🙂 Cygnets on a Swan’s back will be quite the capture :-). Yeah, I’m so pleased I captured the Swan in the making … I didn’t even realise it until I read someone’s comment. 🙂

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